Thursday, October 13, 2011

Vandy, the other cupcake

Halftime in Nashville usually means a lot of gnashing of the teeth. That should not be the case Saturday. And by should not be the case I mean prepare for it to happen as much as reason and logic say otherwise.

The goals on Saturday:
PUNT!! Grab a brew dude! We're gonna
exorcise some demons.
  • No injuries.
  • Help Murray get his groove. I think he needs to get under center, drop back and just hit targets until his coaches are satisfied that he's ready for the trip to Jacksonville. That or maybe shotgun a beer with Ben Jones everytime the Commodores punt.
  • Find ways to involve the tight ends more. What? We have tight ends on our roster? Prove it statistically....(chirp...chirp...)...
  • No injuries.
  • Put their QB on the ground in rapid succession. If for no other reason than to make Brantley see it on film then re-injure his ankle in an unfortunate shower incident.
  • Get Crowell enough carries to show Nashville that SAT scores ain't everything in this world.
  • Grab a lead and then grab a ladle, as in pour gravy over that lead. Enough gravy that I get to sit down and loosen the belt a bit.
  • Sin heridos. 沒有人員傷亡. Aon ghortuithe. никто не пострадал. 아무 부상도. nessun ferito. 
Or, for my one reader in the Republic of Armenia...ոչ վնասվածքներ.


JaxDawg05 said...

Sure would be nice to see the Dawgs treat Vandy, well like Vandy on Saturday.

Bernie said...

We do many times, do just that. It's just the close games and losses that come easiest to mind. Hope Saturday is easy on the eyes.

Tylerdawgden said...

Not sure about heridos, but I'd love to get out of there with no one injured.

Teapot said...

Let's not get too cocky gang. We have a bunch of YOUNG kids playing for the DAWGS this year. Just enough on the squad to be looking ahead to Jacksonville and taking this game in Nashville for granted. It scares me a little to start seeing these posts out there where even the bloggers start to be overly complacent, what does that say about the teenagers playing on the team? Let's all stay focused here and take it one game at a time. I know it sounds a little  cliche, but lets beat the Richie's then we'll have 2 weeks to jabber about the crocs.

Bernie said...

(this is me with a dunce cap in the corner)...I'll have more in my "misery" post about this tomorrow, but there's a reason I never overlook Vandy. My apologies for labeling them a cupcake. Here's to hoping we make this a business trip like Oxford three weeks ago.

Bernie said...

Even with a bye week next week, any heridos would suck.