Tuesday, October 25, 2011

WLOCP: "excuse" me while I puke

Yesterday I failed to remind you all that I am including myself in these fan criticisms. I've been fat and lazy too. I've also bitched my fair share. 

But I'm not doing that crap this year.

I fell into the excuse making mode early in this 21 year quagmire, blaming the lack of an off week prior to the WLOCP. It seemed like Florida always got one. And of course, we were always losing. 

Fake juice has ill effects for players and fans alike.
But you know what, making excuses only made me feel worse. And the only thing more pitiful than someone making excuses after losing is someone making excuses before the game starts. And I can feel many in the Dawg Nation getting pulled in that direction. 

Back in June I outlined a few popular reasons for why many Georgia fans whine. The reason du jour of late is the location of the game. I'm embarrassed to say that I briefly entertained the idea of what it would be like to play this game elsewhere. But once reason prevailed, that thought really only made me sick to my stomach.

Because to say that the location of the Georgia-Florida game has any bearing on the final score is to discredit everything the Dawgs did way back when to completely and utterly dominate the series. Just as Gator fans can forget that college football existed prior to 1990, Dawg fans tend to forget that the distance between Athens and Jacksonville hasn't changed since Munson broke a metal steel chair with about a 5 inch cushion.

When you get right down to it, both teams perform but only one team performs well enough to win. No amount of belly-aching is going to change that, before or after Saturday's game. If you don't want Coach Richt to bring any fake juice to the game in the form of clothing gimmicks and such, then don't bring your own to the cocktail party.

There's not enough Pepto in Jax for that.


JaxDawg05 said...

Just was reminded another reason I hate Florida. Was told by a "huge" Gator fan, "not watching the game this year going hunting". You think "huge" Gator fan goes hunting if Gators are 7-0 and Tebow has 14, 3 yard rushing TDs so far?

Bernie said...

Or if Urban could still call a timeout...??

JIm said...

Good points,  I`ve always felt that none of us complained about Jacksonville when the Dawgs were kicking their reptile tails every year.

BourbonDawg said...

I've always been a beer and burger guy. Wine doesn't do it for me.