Monday, October 24, 2011

WLOCP: Fat and Lazy

Accountability. Look it up and then let’s look into a mirror together.


the state of being accountable, liable, or answerable.
The team has not fared well in Jacksonville in a long time. Wins have been few and far between to say the least. We’ve transformed from a team that dominated the WLOCP to one that just looks for scraps along the banks of the St. Johns.

But the fans have transformed in an even more radical fashion. We expect to lose and look for excuses as to why it happens every year. We're complacent and willing to just take whatever comes and hope for the best.

Here's a few reasons I've come up with as to why this has happened.
  1. First, it's been over 20 years since the Dawgs dominated Florida. That's a large generation of fans and alumni that don't remember what it was like in Jacksonville before 1990. That has an impact on attitudes and our volume in the stands. Just as the team has had players carry on a losing tradition, fans have allowed it to seep into their psyche as well.
  2. Backing in. There's not a feeling like we have to win in Jacksonville because we can lose and still get to Atlanta in December. We lost to Florida in both 2002 and 2005, yet managed to back our way into the GA Dome. Therefore we've lost that sense of urgency in our cheering, taking some measure of comfort walking away from EverBank Field that there still might be hope.
  3. Tired. Since Florida started winning (both this game and overall) their "fans" have spread like locusts. Suddenly Gator logos started popping up on cars and in our workplaces. Hell, the state of Georgia even lets them put it on license plates now. (Thanks Sonny!) We've just grown weary of reminding them how much they suck and the debate has gotten harder to prove.
  4. Emasculated. In the eyes of many, Tebow broke Herschel's record against us. Urban's timeouts the year after the endzone dancing. Hanging half a hundred 'tween the hedges. Even when Georgia has had its moments, they've been fleeting. Once in a couple years is one thing. Over the span of 21 it becomes depressing.
Shed 20+ years of fat and come down to Jacksonville hungry for a win. Put aside your own laziness Saturday and turn on the tv ready to stand up and bark. The team needs active participants, not passive observers.

You want a winning team on the field? Start being a winner in the stands. You want to start erasing two decades of misery? Get off your ass and make some noise. You want a leg up on our chief rivals in the SEC East? Earn it with your voice and claim it with your heart. 

It's the WLOCP. We're Georgia and they're florida. Which side do you want to sit on?


ron dewart said...

What a great way to start the week! Thanks Bernie! This post should be a mandatory read for all Dawg fans. GATA

Kathleen said...

GATA Bernie! Woof woof woof woof!

JaxDawg05 said...

It's Monday afternoon, still hate Florida.

Anonymous said...

The great part about the Florida tags is that a portion of the proceeds for getting them supports UGA! Take that you jort-wearing swamp people. You've been supporting UGA without even knowing it! Let the hate begin!

Paul Garrard said...

Has Richt called you yet to talk to the team during their prep for the game this weekend? If not he should or at least make reading your blog about the game/series required reading. 

Bernie said...

Rinse, repeat.

Bernie said...

Thanks! I'm not going to lose any sleep waiting on the call. But hopefully he can get someone much better. And no, he doesn't read my blog -