Thursday, October 27, 2011

WLOCP: a vested interest

That about says it all. 

But let me add a few more:
Make the tackle.
Stand up at every opportunity and lend your voice to the cause at hand.
Catch the ball.
Fight for every yard their sorry asses will give you.
Third downs are no time to rest your spine.
Want it more than the person across the line of scrimmage from you.
Want it more than the person sitting across the stadium from you.
The only memory is of what happened on the last play. 
No other game in Jacksonville is relevant.
Earn it with your effort, claim it with your desire.
Earn it with your voice, claim it with your heart.
They're floriDuh.
We. Are. Georgia!

To paraphrase - GATA y'all!


ron dewart said...

No one in the Dawg Blog Universe connects with my soul like you do Bernie! Thanks,as ever, for bringing it all into a razor sharp focus! GATA

Bernie said...

Go Dawgs! GATA