Saturday, November 12, 2011

Auburn: Gameday edition

* Goals for the game:
  1. contain Malzahn's ground attack in Dyer and McCalebb.
  2. keep the razors at bay, ie. win the turnover battle
  3. get Crowell in open space
* Bonus misery:

How in the hell could I forget to mention this yesterday? The Sanford Stadium noise. Dawg fans, we are a quiet breed these days. I know we're a team rebounding from disappointing seasons, but can't we still be noisy loud LOUD?!? Do we all have to act like we're watching a tennis match?

As mentioned before, I've got in-laws in town. As we walked into Bobby Dodd the other night I told Frank to take a mental snapshot of their environs so that he could compare that to what he sees this afternoon. Don't let me down friends, I implore you! Kickoff's at 3:30 on CBS. Verne's in the booth. Wolfson's got her mic in Chizzy's face. Do you want him to answer the question easily? Or would you prefer them to have an awkward exchange where he confuses her question about sCam's "special" juice for one about Verne's bunyuns?

Hilarity could ensue.

* I hate Auburn.

I've watched that video about 20 times and still can't stop laughing. Well done Big Muddy!

Go Dawgs! Kick That Barner Ass!


Cojones said...

Hope the team is as nasty today as we all feel. Tell'um to yell until the end of the game , no matter the score.

Bernie said...

They were. And we did. Go Dawgs!