Wednesday, November 30, 2011

BCS Circus Acts: Dawgs juggle, Tigers roar

LSU. Bama....the rematch.

It's what everyone is talking about. Meanwhile, lil ol' Georgia just keeps plodding along on the cold practice fields and streets of Athens. UGA is officially the side act in the circus that is the BCS. We're the painted faces that distract the patrons just long enough so that the main attractions - the tigers and the elephants - can take their places, momentarily away from the spotlight. But not too far.

Nice hardware for a season at the circus
Then the big light swings back and the experts talking suits and d-bags go back to the task at hand - justifying their own previous blunders and directing the BCS voters. 

Perhaps it's the team that's been working like hell over there in the corner that pulls the upset Saturday. While people talk about the Dawgs' schedule being full of clowns, the team just keeps out juggling them. Convincingly. Maybe Coach Richt and his Dawgs aren't satisfied with just the crumbs the Honey Badger's nastyass leaves. 

What then, huh? Well, ESPN et al would suggest that "THE REMATCH" is still the best matchup of the most deserving teams. I might give them best matchup, but most deserving...? The governor of Tennessee can't rule the entire country. But the President of the United States can damn sure send the National Guard into Knoxville and tell them to stop kissing their sisters so firmly.

My point is, I still believe being a conference champion means something. People make a big deal about being in the SEC for good reason: it's the best damn football on the planet. take the good with the bad. If you're not good enough to win Saturday...if you can't beat little ol Georgia...the team with the coach whose hotseat is still steaming from the Powerade bath getting dumped on it...well, I'm sorry. You're not good enough to win your conference, you're not good enough to run for President.

If that leaves us with Virginia Tech and Houston, or Oklahoma State and Oregon. So be it. The BCS is a mess anyway. We're used to having seasons where the best team isn't necessarily crowned. Does the best man always win the race for the Oval Office? Is the clown sometimes a more entertaining part of the show than the bengal?

There are years when being the SEC Champion is more privileged and honorable than being BCS king. It wouldn't bother me if this were one of them. Not a bit.

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