Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Bulldog Hotline redux, gators

Other than some moments in idiocy (see: Doug in Cumming and Steve in St. Simons), which likely could be contributed to brain freezes while on the line...or too many Trick or Treat Pixie Stix...not a whole lot on last night's call in show. Most callers wanted to congratulate Richt on the win, and deservedly so.

I did catch one thing that was interesting to me. Not a whole lot was known as to why Israel Troupe didn't make the trip to Jacksonville. On Saturday most of us were simply concerned that his, Wooten and especially Mitchell's absence made us uncomfortably thin at wide receiver.

Of course it played out just fine as the receivers were absolutely fantastic against the Gators. Bennett and King both grabbed clutch 4th down catches for touchdowns. Brown kept an early scoring drive alive with a 3rd down catch. Walk on Brett McGowan got us a first down with his second career catch. And when we knew we'd have single coverage wide and needed a big time play, Murray found Conley for a third time - all three of which went for first downs.

Big players make big plays. And those guys did it the Georgia way. 

Which leads me back to Troupe. The WLOCP is circled on the calendar each year by coaches, players and fans alike. A lot of the locker room cleansing in the off season helped contribute to that win. Hard to imagine last year's team overcoming that early 17-3 deficit. And now it seems Richt still isn't entertaining any Energy Vampires, not even a couple days before Halloween.
Gary in Atlanta says Richt showed a lot of class by not rubbing it in at the end, unlike some former Florida coaches. Asks about Israel Troupe’s health and if Bogatay will get a chance on special teams at least as far as kickoffs. Richt – says Troupe just wasn’t 100%. Still getting over some injuries and they wanted people there who could go full speed and could “do things the Georgia way”. 
Maybe I'm reading between the lines. Maybe not. Regardless, the message is still crystal clear: you're on the bus, or you're not.


Alan Ashley said...

I have to say, the way it was phrased "do things the Georgia way" is right up there with 'because I love him". Both mean they didn't follow the rules. But apparently Loving them is less punishment than not being 100%.

Bernie said...

CMR and his semantics. lol