Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Credit where it is due

Had a chance to rewatch the game yesterday before the ghouls and goblins came out. It left me as giddy as I was Saturday night. Here's some extra commentary before we close the book on the WLOCP 2011.

  • First off, I have to give some credit to John Brantley. He was battered like a load of catfish and still kept playing. Did he play well? No, he didn't. But when you can't put pressure on your foot enough to walk it's just as hard to plant it and throw a good ball. His coaches felt he was their best option and he gave all he possibly could.
  • Now that that is out of the way, we have to give credit to Murray for something similar. He refused to leave the game. When he returned after being helped from the field he was definitely off. But he played through the pain and the incompletions and it paid dividends late.
  • Like Tyler said, the sound we heard was Richt's balls clanking together on those 4th down calls. But Bobo's decision to go for the pass on 2nd and 9 as we tried to run out the clock was just as big. We knew we'd have at least one guy in 1 on 1 and he trusted his QB and a receiving corps that had delivered play after play the whole game. That did everything but seal the deal and put the gators back against their own endzone.
  • Samuel took it from there with the help of the offensive line. Smash mouth. "We're going to run this down your throat so line up and try to stop us!!"
  • Back to the defense. As honored as I was to watch that in person Saturday night, it was nearly as joyous on the television rewatch. If Jarvis Jones can get Nat'l PotW honors for 5 tackles, 4 sacks when he was being held every other play...I'm glad he feels he's not ready for the NFL.
  • It was across the field from our end zone seats the other night and I thought it was a safety then. Now I'm just sure of it.
Most importantly, congrats to Kasyn Olividotti who is now in remission. It's one thing to knock out the month of October. Quite another to kick cancer's ass. 

Big hugs for Kasyn!


Greg Cody said...

Great read Bernie

Greg Cody said...

Great read Bernie

Anonymous said...

In football, there is a thing known as "forward progress". That photo was taken after the UF player was driven back a yard. I was in Jax, but taped the game. Watched the replay several times and there is no question that the refs got that one right.

Bernie said...

Thanks for reading!