Friday, November 25, 2011

Friday misery, chapter 11: nerdtroopers and linebacking warlocks

We've both eaten our weight in turkey, dressing and pumpkin pie. You're pretending to be useful from your la-z-boy while the wife celebrates Black Friday. Meanwhile I'm driving 450 miles amidst a chorus of Are we there yets?

We might as well be miserable together.

Nerd Alert!
They hate Munson even though their own play by play guy admired him. They pissed on Uga's grave. They're completely obsessed with the bigger, better and more balanced institution in Athens. They breed terrorists and have a flag boy. They smugly chastise Georgia for parking violations and scooter tickets while they cover up a $400 NCAA violation and use players who peddle drugs across the country. Their sororities are actually robotics clubs. Their stadium is the envy of nearly half of the arena league franchises. They scream that UGA is the "cesspool of the South", against the backdrop of Techwood crime rates and broken crack pipes. They brag about their wrambled wreck running over our mascot. They hire band members and cheerleaders to assemble with them. They this...

What do we do? Just win the game. 61. 39. 5.

Back away from your comparison, and no one gets hurt
You know what? I'm sick and damn tired of hearing you all belly ache about which game is more important. Someone feels it necessary to point out that Florida is an actual conference divisional foe. Then someone else has to point out that Tech is located in the state of Georgia. (Holy freakin shit! Thanks for that reminder!!!!1) Then the party of the high and almighty pipes in that WHAT GAME COULD POSSIBLY BE MORE IMPORTANT THAN THE SECCG???!?

Would you all loosen your tighty whiteys a minute while I yell some knowledge into your ear hole? This....THIS! tackle football gentlemen. It's not whipped potatoes, they're mashed with Granny's holy masher and served piping hot, full of lumps and topped clumsily with gravy. It's also not "Atlanta journalism", where the yankee wearing glasses can hide behind his Johnson envy and spout off about how Crowell should maybe rest this Saturday.

Get a grip people!! You want Coach Richt to talk to his offensive line with that drivel coming out of his mouth? You think Grantham coddles his linebackers with that crap? NO! The most important game is the next one on the calendar. Period. You don't "rest" a player to "save" him for the next week. And you sure as hell don't worry about a game that is behind or in front of the next one.

It's Tech. Only Tech. Beat. Damn. Tech...period.

Finish like a Champion!
"He laughs at fear, afraid of nothing. He does not shy away from the sword. He cannot stand still when the trumpet sounds."..."There are capabilities in each of us beyond what we think we can have."

When the great racehorse passed on at age 19, they discovered that his heart was roughly 2.75 times larger than the average horse and about 4 pounds larger than Secretariat's closest competitor Sham.

Who has more heart tomorrow Dawgs? Who has the Triple Crown heart and who has Sham's?

There's more where this came from Reader. Pick em up in the comments. See you tomorrow on North Avenue.

Go Dawgs!


AthensHomerDawg said...

Since Techwood Homes was demolished the neighborhoods adjacent to the GA TECH campus to the north (Home Park) are now unsavory and have taken on the milieu of Techwood.  Sun Trust did a lot of tax credit rehab there….. Twice in a decade. Your tax dollars at work. The midtown neighborhoods (Krog St,Cabbage Town) have had a lot of loft development and gentrification. This type of development forces a lot of crime to move on to other areas.  Not very many Tech grads live there … but a surprising number of clients were from Auburn and a lot of Georgia people too. The project architects were frequently Tech grads though. I once bought about 25 Georgia hats and handed them out prior to a  preconstruction meeting with subcontractors and vendors for Krog Street Lofts (all of whom I had worked with previously).  The Tech architects …. per their work habits were about 20 minutes late. You should have seen their faces when they walked in and looked at our group all wearing Bulldog hats. They were not amused. Go Dawgs!

Bernie said...

You sir have moxy! Go Dawgs!