Friday, November 11, 2011

Friday Thoughts on the Flats

May be two weeks early, but since I was there last night* I wanted to pass along a couple thoughts on Tech's Thursday Night faceplant.

  • That Wilson kid went for 175 despite often getting caught behind the line of scrimmage. Made me wonder how many yards Crowell could go for behind a better offensive line than what Wilson has.
  • The engiNerds win that game without that personal foul call in the fourth. Instead of punting deep in their own end, VA Tech marched downfield and punched it in. The play was at the opposite end of our seats (which sucked by the way. Nice engineering...pffft!), but from what I've read Attaochu could face a suspension. 
  • However, that didn't keep Coach PaJammies from giving the refs an earful. Maybe Attaochu was chop blocked...
  • Speaking of which...maybe I've blocked this from my memory banks. But did y'all know Tech has a complete cheer devoted to UGA? Something about being the "cesspool of the South"...several "To Hell with Georgias"...and a lot of other wrambling wrecked musings on being the ugly, less athletic and dominated younger brother.
  • I mean they are completely obsessed with us. Completely. No wonder they faceplanted against VA Tech with an ACC title on the line. They're too focused on Georgia. The kids sitting next to me couldn't get over the fact that a Georgia fan would come to the game...when it was their fans that sold my Hokie in-laws the tickets!! Not that they would say anything to my face, even when I asked them to.
  • But that's okay. Jenn Brown wouldn't speak to me either.
Anyway, now back to our regularly scheduled Auburn hate.

*Thanks to the Anonymous commenter yesterday that reminded me Sean Glennon's jersey was stolen 4 years ago instead of two. Couldn't get your comment published through Disqus for some reason.

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BourbonDawg said...

re: obsession w/ UGA

Comes from brain damage after years of getting beaten.