Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Gators' nuclear meltdown

Whether you're looking to bask in the glow of their continued 2011 failure or for an honest and forthright assessment of things in Muschamp's first season, you won't get much better than Spencer Hall's sixth grade science project gone bad.
But don't say this is all necessary. It's not. Meyer's struggles in his first year got him to nine wins. [NAME REDACTED] learned and unlearned basic arithmetic on the job and still won seven games. This team will lose to Vanderbilt. This team will lose to South Carolina. This team will lose to Florida State, and they will miss a bowl game for the first time since the pre-Spurrier era. That is not good coaching. That's failure, and boring, depressing failure at that. At least fight James Franklin at the fifty when you're done losing to Vandy, Will, and thus give us something to cheer about. Gut a reporter mid-question, or sleep in a tree stand on campus and when someone asks you what you're doing, whisper "hunting, son. Hunting."
Go mildly insane just to keep us all awake. Don't go pointing to a crack in the model and tell us it's a goddamn feature. That's bullshit, and there's enough of it on the field to feed us all for the next year or so with ease.
After watching Muschamp's charges fail to draw us offsides when they used a timeout in order to set it up...I hope he has a long and happy history in the swampland.

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