Monday, November 28, 2011

Injury updates - Tyson, Crowell and Samuel

Some updates on players that are at the top of Courson's list.
  • DeAngelo Tyson. Not going to play Saturday. Was on crutches after the game and definitely won't be able to practice today or most of the week. This sucks, especially the way he went down. But luckily the senior will get one last game in a bowl somewhere.
  • Isaiah Crowell. Should definitely play. The good news is that he'll be on the practice field today (or wherever they end up practicing due to inclement weather) and that means that, barring a setback, he'll be ready to play Saturday. The better news is we've managed well without his legs. But they sure would help against this defense we'll see this weekend.
  • Richard Samuel IV. Sounds questionable, but you're telling me there's a chance! Nevertheless, DICK Sam 4's chances at playing are probably better than Lloyd's chances with Mary, but I doubt even the coaches could put a percentage on it until he actually gets out there and practices. Courson still has to assess his post-surgery progress.


Guest said...

Bernie, you mention Jones in your header. Did you mean Tyson or is Jones injured as well?

Bernie said...

Yes, @atldan also helped me overcome this late night brain fart. Appreciate the help.

Reipar said...

I feel bad for Tyson. Took one for the team last year and then to get hurt without even being touched on the second play of his final game is just not fair. As soon as I saw it happen I thought has to be an achilles tendon. He is done for the year. I hope I am wrong not just as a fan, but for him too.

AthensHomerDawg said...

Sam ain't gonna be ready..." there's just no time."  But goodness.... it"s 60 and sunny in Baton Rouge and we got rain today and snow in the forecast tomorrow. I'd like a breakdown on how we prepare for a game in the Peach.