Saturday, November 19, 2011

Kentucky: Gameday edition

Just the 7yo and I heading down 316 this morning. With Nama of course. Can't wait to cheer for these seniors and watch them kiss their mommas.

Goals for the game:

  • somehow, someway...fill the stadium by noon
  • pressure Maxwell Smith, early and often
  • run at will
Bobo should pretty much have his way with this defense. I expect a BIG day for Crowell. If we protect the ball and continue to shore up our special teams play, it should be a great day in Athens.

Bonus misery:
Cannot believe I forgot to include this yesterday. I bet I'm not the only Dawg to feel this way either.

Normally I would look forward to pulling for Vandy to keep the lonesome HillBillys winless in the SEC. But James Douchebag Franklin has turned this into another meteor game for me. As nice as it would be to see lil Dooley go ofer...I hope they trade turns kicking each other in the danglies for three hours until they both pass out.

See you in A-Town Dawg fans. Let's wrap this SEC season up with a nice SEC East bow.

Go Dawgs!

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Big Muddy Dawg said...

I actually used to cheer on Vandy. This year changed everything for me. Normally, I'm a big time 10RC hater (living in Memphis and amongst the enemy does this to a person). But, as you say, three hours spent kicking each other in the danglies with continued kicking in a neverending overtime would be my most preferred outcome. It could be the Isner match all over again. Well, except that this time both sides are losers.