Monday, November 14, 2011

Monday's Meatloaf - like leaves, conversations turn

Destitute. Despondent. Hapless. Winless. In September we were a pitiful lot. We hadn't experienced a win in football since the nerds came for their post-Thanksgiving beating. And although we played better in week two than we had in week one, we just seemed to be cursed. How else could you explain a defensive lineman scoring two touchdowns against us?

By the end of September there was reason to suspect that 2011 could be better than 2010. But we were still holding our breath. We spoke to topics such as there's still much to improve and not really sure how good these teams are. After October ushered in a sweep of the teams from the hills there was a temptation to get excited. But during the bye week most talk centered on James Franklin's penis envy over Coach Damn Grantham.

Then a rare win in Jacksonville not only put 9 or 10 wins within reach but also gave the Dawgs an outside shot at a return trip to Atlanta. Those dry, brittle deciduous leaves from September had turned a brilliant red. And the only thing more brisk than the early morning Fall air is the liveliness of our Dawgs' gait.

Today's Ingredients

Hey war tigers, domination is spelled with a D.
A few things I took note of on my rewatch yesterday. First was the violence with which we played, both offensively and defensively. From the stands you can see the big hits and enormous holes, but getting the luxury of televised replays and DVR buttons allows you to really take everything in. By halftime you can see Auburn ball carriers actively looking for safe places to lie down before getting pummeled by Grantham's defensive personnel. Anyone else notice at the end of the game when CBS cameras caught our defensive coordinator running down the sidelines to share a celebratory moment with Coach Friend? It was those two coaches' units that set the tone for the game. I hope their beer was plenty cold post game.

I have to agree with Coach Richt that my favorite play was the big "Cootie" hit. Which brings me to my second point. Tracy Wolfson looked more than a little miffed when Richt wouldn't talk about the things she wanted him to discuss after halftime. She gave him a softball question about how well Murray was playing and he said something to the effect that "well, it's just one half of football so far." Her look after that was priceless. I mean, it wasn't Evil Richt material. But it made me lol.

Lastly, thanks for the noise level. I'm sure practically scoring at will helped, but the atmosphere definitely left the in-laws impressed. As a reward, please have an extra helping of the meatloaf. Here's an extra napkin as well in case an Auburn ball carrier fumbles your plate. And should a conversation near you turn to the SECCG and someone dares suggest we give up any hope of beating a West representative, don't follow suit Reader. This team hasn't given up. Any conversations we have should follow their lead.  GATA.



JaxDawg05 said...

Absolutely LOVED the fact that Coach Richt, Coach Bobo and Coach Grantham showed Awbun how you whip and humiliate a rival, BEFORE the whistle blows with hard, tough play.

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