Monday, November 28, 2011

Monday's Meatloaf - playing for a title, in the junkyard

LSU, the expected stalwart
Georgia, phoenix that rose from 0-2

Or are we still rising? Last week I had a distinct problem with fans who were already thinking about the SECCG before the regular season's business was done. This week I'm sure I'll eventually grow weary already pissed off at those of you deadset on a Dawgs' loss this Saturday. Before Les Miles' collection of corndogs even qualified for the game some of you people were ready to get all steamy in the backseat with the bayou bengals.

Jarvis likes his honey badgers with sUGAr.
"They're just too good. If we played ten times we'd lose all of them." "LSU is in a league that only Bama can compete in." "They play a different brand of football down there. And they'll be even faster in the Dome."

LSU is the best team I've seen all season. But they haven't tried to cover our dynamic freshman trio: Bennett, Mitchell and Conley. And they sure as hell haven't had a chance to hold Jarvis Jones like 12 other teams have. So shut your piehole and stop listening to these "national media elite". Dumbasses.

You know what gives less of a shit than a honey badger? A team with nothing to lose. You think these Dawgs feel any ounce of pressure from fans who never in our wildest dreams thought we'd be back in the Dome three months to the day after walking out? These Dawgs don't have their backs against a wall, just happy to be mentioned in the same breath as Lesticles' minions. No, they're out in the junkyard taking on all comers.

So don't come down to Atlanta or flip on the tv Saturday just thrilled to take a loss and pick up a New Years Day bowl invite. Back in September you wanted a better team to cheer for. Well, you've got one. And their names are the Georgia Bulldogs.

Today's Ingredients
Yo! Adrian, Motel Six is one big dude.
  • Someone starts whining to you about "strength of schedule", just walk away. Unless they're a Dawg fan then punch them in the mouth and tell em Bernie said Hi
  • On September 10th we were 0-2. Today, we're 10-2. All. That. Matters.
  • The big game this week brings a different schedule. Legge gets you ready for all of it.
  • As usual, I agree with everything Kimberley types.
  • Statistically speaking, I think we match up pretty well with LSU. Except for special teams, which have improved in recent weeks. That's why Jarvis' quotable here ("If we don't give away points, there's no way they can beat us.") makes sense to me. [UPDATE: ecdawg kinda kills my #5 total defense buzz with this in-depth stat comparison post.]
  • Looking for that one piece that really sets the table nicely for the big game Saturday? Weiszer obliges.
  • Streit's use of this Rocky quote reminded me of a preseason post. "That's how winning is done!"
  • Another win and another stat watch update from the Senator.
  • State troopers not only fist bump well, but ecdawg finds that they make good tackles too.
  • Lots of delicious schadenfraude from DavetheDawg
  • And PWD not only finds misery on the flats, but also in the swamp.
  • I'm confused Coach Boom. Is being soft the same as sucking?
  • Lastly, another dude bringing the Bernie name down gets fired. Good riddance. And Doyel thinks Syracuse shouldn't stop with Fine.
One more word of caution to you naysayers. Remember what happened the last time LSU came into the SEC Championship Game as world beaters against little ol' Georgia? Beatdown, Shockley style!

Miles is 1-2 against Richt. So I'm sticking with the thought of Lesticles getting Richtified again this Saturday. 

To this date, LSU has earned two things: an SEC West championship and a double digit spread in the SECCG. They may very well go on to the MNC game and start Mardi Gras early. Who knows. But I do know there's a reason they actually play the games. Otherwise we wouldn't have bothered boarding the buses and heading over to North Avenue this past weekend. 

Chew on that a bit Reader. There's lots more to hunker down this week.



ron dewart said...

I always like meatloaf on Mondays...culinary expertise bar none Chef Bernie! I look forward to next week's version even as I finish the last bite of this one! Gata! Hope you are not offended,but I will be breaking out a 2005 Au jus to serve "on the side"! 12/05/12! Holy Mother of God Bernie! So close to the mountain top...(breathe,I tell myself,just breathe...)

ron dewart said...

Let's get one that looks like this one!!! GATA!

Bernie said...

Hears to hoping the gravy will be plentiful on the next Meatloaf.