Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Mumme Poll - week twelve

  • Heavy SEC, sure. Why not?
  • Just outside, VA Tech, USC and I guess Houston. Why not?
  • On Friday night I thought this would finally be the week I got to leave Okie State where they should be, cold on the outside. But by ballot time I just wasn't able to.
  • Like I tweeted last Saturday night, college football is a glorious train wreck that I just can't turn away from. Can't wait to see next week's ballot and poll.


ron dewart said...

Our Dawgs are  a Top 10 team (4).This is based on my belief that we
can whip every team in front of us in any poll!I view these things as a
POWER RANKING !  In the context of that, our
Dawgs are at the 4 spot.Versus the 3 teams above us...if we : 1)Have Discipline 2)Have Focus and 3)Have Some Fun... those
games would all be toss-ups.In a toss-up game I'm going with our Dawgs!
(RIP Mr.Munson )The rest of this season is for you...Glory, Glory! Heavy on our Dawgs..why not? Heavy D? Hell yea! GATA

Test said...

Dawgs are not a top 10 team yet!!
South Carolina is not a top 10 team anymore!!!
Need to replace SoCar with USC and replace GEORGIA with VaTech...

Go DAWGS beat tech bad!!!

Bernie said...

Agree. Go Dawgs!

Bernie said...

I went to see VA Tech play the nerds. We'd kick the snot out of them.