Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Murray wants to be a hardware hound

From this you'd have trouble classifying Aaron Murray as a stat geek. But it's clear he wants the hardware.
“Championships is all that matters,” Murray said. “When people talk about stats or this and that, I think the biggest stat is how many championships you’ve won. My goal is to win a few while I’m here and my first opportunity is this weekend."
Although he had some head scratchers, you'd have trouble arguing over his performance against Tech as anything but impressive. 19-29 for 252 and 4 TDs. Still, he's his own most ardent critic.
“I told him after the Tech game, ‘You’re just killing it right now,’ ” said Shockley, who talks to Murray by phone about every week. “After we were talking about it for a while, he came back and was like ‘There’s so many more I missed. It could be 40.’ That tells you what kind of guy he is and what’s he’s thinking. That’s not enough. He’s a perfectionist kind of guy. You’ve got to love that from a quarterback.” 
As it should be, Saturday will be the biggest test for Murray and his teammates. And his performance then is ultimately part of how he will be measured up against the likes of Greene and Shockley. And it sounds like #11 is fine with that.

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