Wednesday, November 2, 2011

On the air - Coach Richt

Coach Richt talks suspensions, special teams and cheering for Arkansas.


JaxDawg05 said...

It's VERY disappointing to see Radi Nabulsi
try to scoop a story by using a "source" that knew a drug test was
failed, but not when it was given OR when the results were made
available to the coaches at UGA. I know Radi Nabulsi is better than
this, but it is the ESPN way to push the send button and ask questions
later if at all. I'm glad there are still actual reporters that wait to
verify inside information from "sources" before posting a story.

Bernie said...

In the end whatever happened is between the players, the coach and the AD.
Very glad to have AD McGarity handling things like this.

Am I disappointed that my kids won't get to see Crowell in live action this
Saturday? Yes, but they probably wouldn't have seen much if any of him
anyway. After the "soul searching" this offseason, I'm confident our
coaches and players can help these guys get back on the bus.

Hayescorinthia said...

Keep up with our passing game (since our running game will be nonexistent) this Saturday on your YellowFlag app.