Friday, November 18, 2011

Pinkel punishment, fair...right?

Full disclosure: I have blogged (repeatedly) while under the influence of both bourbon and beer...sometimes both. If there were a law against that I would accept my fine, suspension or expulsion, whatever it may be.

But what about Gary Pinkel? Missouri suspended their head coach for one game and instituted several monetary penalties. Two Tiger players sat out the first two games of the season because of drunk driving arrests. So the news of Pinkel's punishment seems fair. After all, isn't it a double standard if the head coach doesn't accept some sort of team suspension?

Then again, is it best for the team that their head coach remain on the sideline? Missouri is trying to gain bowl eligibility. Perhaps players should be held to a different standard because a university is designed to teach them, and sometimes that includes right from wrong. Pinkel on the other hand is a grown man. His consequence will also come from the courtroom.

In the end I think this is a private matter within the walls of the Mizzou football program and I think Missouri made the right decision. I mean, what are the precedents here? What other coaches have gotten DUIs? Mike Price had a massive alcohol induced brain fart. And everyone knows Eustache prefers PBR. They lost their jobs over their indiscetions. But those are oranges and this is an apple.

I think...? What say you? Is Pinkel's punishment enough...too much...fair?
As far as coaches gone wild, Larry still carries the torch.

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