Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Please! Surgery can't arm tackle DICK SAM 4!!

Richt and Samuel meet, again. I hear it went something like this:

Coach Richt hangs up the phone and has trouble bringing his eyes back up to meet his young player that sits across the desk from him. There's a long pause. It gets uncomfortable, then downright awkward.

DICK SAM 4 - Coach, are you okay?
Coach Richt - Son, that was Courson. They're going to have to do surgery. You're out until December at the earliest.
DICK SAM 4 - What? What're you saying Coach? I'm good man. I woulda scored if you'd've called that timeout.
Coach Richt - Is not that at all son. We're...(fighting back a throat lump)...we're going to have to put you down as "out"...
DICK SAM 4 - NO Coach!...I was "out" a whole season. I'm in, just like that endzone baby!
Coach Richt - ...unavailable...medically speaking Richard. It's science.
DICK SAM 4 - That's ridiculous! I'm ready. Now!
Coach Richt - I can't argue with science kid. It's done. We'll try and get to the Dome and if you work hard, rehab...
DICK SAM 4 - Whatever Coach. Put me back at'll kick if you need me.
Coach Richt - No son, it's not like that this time. It's out of our hands.
DICK SAM 4 - Please man. That was two years ago. I haven't fumbled all season. No way those gators were gonna get that ball.
Coach Richt - No, I mean it's out of our hands as far as the decision...medically. It's not a question of...
DICK SAM 4 - I know what you're going to say Coach...not a question of the Dawg in the fight, but the fight in the Dawg. (Samuel stands and casts his enormous shadow over the head coach's desk) I'm ready. I'll be there Saturday for those Aggies. 

Coach Richt can only shake his head. He opens his mouth to try and interject, but loses the words.

DICK SAM 4 - (casually lays his crutch on Richt's desk and as he walks out of the office...) You can tell em I'm coming. They'll need more than what they got to stop The Fourth!

Coach Richt again picks up the phone, still shaking his head..."Ron, this is Mark again..."

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

What the heck, for old time's sake.


BourbonDawg said...

Great post! Hate that for Samuel. What a great Dawg. Hope  we do get him two more games this season and he makes it back for both.

James Stephenson said...

The best part of that video is the FU fans doing nothing but acting like seats.  No emotion.

Bernie said...

We had the pleasure of holding down that endzone's dividing line. After that first drive they acted like seats most of the game. Whereas...I don't ever recall sitting down.

Tylerdawgden said...

Even worse, their was a blue clad fan behind me that kept asking me to sit.  I told him the sitters were across the aisle. 

Tylerdawgden said...

Sorry, 'there was'.  Didn't want the English police on me.

Bernie said...

*high four*!!