Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Robert Nkemdiche, the next chapter

Surprise! Not only will 8-2 get your seat to cool significantly, but it will also put you back in the recruiting conversation with the state's nation's top player. Evidently Georgia is back in "the sweepstakes" for Robert Ndkemdiche.
They aren’t part of his top five, but UGA still has a spot in the sweepstakes for the No. 1-ranked junior in the country, Robert Ndkemiche of Grayson High School.
The 6-foot-5, 270-pound defensive end made a rare unofficial visit last weekend, traveling to UGA with a couple of teammates to watch the Auburn game. The only other trip that Nkemdiche has made this fall was to rumored frontunner Alabama for the LSU game.
Despite the Atlanta suburb of Grayson being located only 35 miles from UGA, the Bulldogs haven’t been able to crack Nkemdiche’s top five, which consists of Alabama, LSU, Florida, Oregon and Southern Cal.
However, his coach told the AJC on Tuesday night to not count the Bulldogs out.
“I’d put Georgia in the mix; he may decide that’s where he wants to go,” Grayson coach Mickey Conn said. “Georgia is playing really well right now, and they are playing good defense. They are probably going to play in the SEC championship game. Robert hasn’t ruled out Georgia.”
Conn is a Bama guy through and through. That being said, Grayson is a stone's throw from Athens. Ndkemdiche would have to be a fool not to consider UGA at this point. Plus, his brother Denzel rolled the dice on Houston Nutt and things are so giggety there any longer.

As much as I would love to get Ndkemdiche (not to mention Dillon Lee, another close to home prospect) to come to Athens, I'll wait to hold my breath. Then again, Maybe Grantham will arm wrestle Conn for him.


Jim said...

If Conn is such a bama homer why don`t he get a job in Tuscaloosa?  Anyway,  My opinion is that Ndkemdiche goes to bama I`m not going to get my hopes up but hopefully he changes his mind and who knows? Alot could happen between now and feb.    GO DAWGS!!

Streit said...

Mickey Conn is a Bama homer because he played there.  He is a graduate of South Gwinnett (my high school) and walked at Alabama.  He earned playing time during some pretty good years for Bama, including the 1992 National Championship.  When South Gwinnett High school was split into two schools to create Grayson, Conn became their first head coach and has been there ever since.

You can't blame the guy for being loyal to the school where he played.

Bernie said...

I don't blame him at all. I mentioned that because Bama is our stiffest competition these days for the in-state talent.

Knew he had played at Bama, didn't know his roots were so deep in these parts. Thanks.

Bernie said...

And the way the word "commitment" is thrown around these days, nothing is over until the ink is dry.

JIm said...

No problems with a guy being loyal to his school.  And I understand a Head Coach being a big influence on a player`s life but he shouldn`t use his position of influence to sway a kid on way or another I`m sure it happens everywhere, but I don`t agree with it.  

UGA70 said...

Let's remember also that we're talking about NSD in February, 2013, not this coming Feb, 2012.  A lot of recruiting time to get Robert (2013 class) back to Athens and for CMR's and TG's to use their recruiting magic.

Bernie said...

Might also be enough time to beat Bama or LSU head to head. Not to mention Florida, again.