Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sunday Thoughts on being "all-in"

We're all-in this SEC East thing. Hey gamecocks...try to keep up!

  • I lost count of the number of times he looked to the bench for Cam Newton, but welcome back to amateur tackle football Coach Chizzy. 
  • Grantham made Malzahn bark like a Dawg y'all. 
  • Nice opening drive for Auburn. But you could tell they kind of shot their wad with the trickeration in getting into the endzone.
  • This was a blackout beat down without the costume change. As impressive a win as we've seen in a long time.
  • We had this game won before our star tailback even got into any kind of rhythm.
  • We could've named our own score in the second half. Instead we demoralized them by running the ball down their throat, taking it out and then running it down their throats some more.
  • Along those lines, nearly 41 minutes time of possession for the Dawgs. War Damn Feeble!
  • This offensive line is flat out dominating. Two rushers over 100 and 304 yards total. Nice pocket for Murray. 
  • BTW...Hello Ken Malcome.
  • Michael Bennett is so clutch even Kris Durham is in awe.
  • If there's been a more impactful defensive player than Jarvis Jones in the nation I haven't seen him.
I haven't heard renewed complaints about our lack of a real schedule, yet...but I'm sure they're still coming. That's okay. This team just keeps on keeping on. 

Come on down Kentucky! You're the next contestant. Bring extra padding.


Lowcountry Dawg said...

Bernie, I live in Charleston, SC and have heard from all my Cocky friends how easy our schedule has been, but not until after the Auburn game.  Sour grapes from Gamecock fans who are just realizing that last year was an anomoly. Someone even said "Enjoy playing LSU", like we wouldn't have a chance. My response, "We certainly will. Enjoy watching us on TV".  Georgia, if we play like we did yesterday, has a great chance of beating LSU. Come on Dawgs. Take care of business against KY, then "run this state" again before going to Atlanta.

BulldogBry said...

Bingo on the trickeration. I told my daughter after they scored that they can't keep doing that all night and it would bode well for us. Though I thought Dyer might get some yards. It's nice to be wrong.