Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sunday's 7-1 Thoughts

Coach Richt, congrats. Helluva season in the SEC East this year. They can blather on and on about this being a "down" year, but if you go 9-0 post-chickens and finish conference play've done a tremendous job.

Other ponderings:
  • I don't care about LSU. Don't care about Bama. And I don't care about Arkansas.
  • Safe to say some tailbacks don't read my blog. Thomas was worried so little about Kentucky that he came up with a "personal reason" to not play. We've likely seen the last of him.
  • Could've been big day for Crowell. Tough luck again.
  • Offense definitely came down a few notches against the Cats. But hard to blame Bobo when he toggles between a former walk-on and Boo as his tailback. Plus there were some great play calls where Murray and/or the receiver just didn't make the play.
  • There truly are no more words for this defense. What can be said that hasn't been said already? Jarvis Jones is one of the greatest players I've watched 'tween the hedges. And that's saying something.
  • What's that you say? Special teams would carry the team to the 2011 SEC East banner? Well, of course. Who didn't see that coming?
  • Nice to see Walsh have a big day. Coverage teams continued to swarm and swallow up ball carriers. Cootie laid some more wood. So, in a word...solidly stellar.
That's all good. Now the not so much. Disappointed in the fans showing up late for our seniors. And disappointed in the empty student seats. I know the last couple seasons were sub-par and down right bad. But we can be better than this Dawg fans. Much better.

In the end this game showed us all what happens when a team hears all week that it's awesome and might even beat an SEC West gargantuan. The game itself was actually a lot like 2009, except Kentucky didn't have a playmaker like Cobb yesterday and Willie Martinez was several states away.

Bottom line - I love watching this team. On Thursday I'll give thanks for many things. Somewhere on the list will be that I have an extra chance to do just that on December 3rd, 2011.

Go Dawgs!


AthensHomerDawg said...

Do you really think that is the last of Carlton Thomas? That would be a shame as he was starting to become productive for the Dawgs!
Tough love.
 Saturday was an off day for a lot of teams that were suppose to handle their business and instead played flat. Bernie is right sports fans. One game at a time.... now lets wreak Tech!

Namaman said...

Even though it wasn't as pretty as we would he liked, we did take care of what we needed to do. It was frustrating watching our offense perform that way after seeing what they "can" do against Auburn just a week before. The defense has been stellar to say the least. It is nice that you truly feel that the other team's offense will not be able to do anything against you!

While many other teams could not handle an off game against a lesser opponent, we did get the W. Now let's go get ready for Tech!!!