Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sunday's Thoughts from WalMart

Sanderlin, AJC
Coming out this winter..."Paul Johnson, WalMart Cop". (rated PG-13 for chop blocks and full moobidity). It's direct to DVD, so look for it in the camping section. Next to the fish fry equipment.

Some of the people seen at Bobby Dodd: MortonUGA, Sonny Seiler, the Wolfe man, Fred Gibson, Brett Bawcum, Hester's IPAs...Al Groh posing as a WalMart greeter.

A smattering of thoughts:
  • Just like basketball!!!
  • I'll admit that I did not see it going that way. Especially as word started to spread that Crowell was again a game time decision. More on that later.
  • I mean, how could we possibly win without a running game? I thought our defense would defend Tech's option attack well, which they did. But you need to be able to run the ball to beat Tech. And we had Thomas....and Malcome.
  • Speaking of which, another great game for Bobo. I'm losing count of the number of games he has taken a seat in the booth without his starting tailback. Yet still pwns the opposing defense.
  • We had six different rushers, adding up to 128 total yards. Just enough to keep Tech honest while Murray went to work on their secondary.
  • Back to Malcome, he really went to work. Looked a little jittery getting his first start, but was tough to bring down as we worked on the clock. Good to see. 
  • The general rule of thumb for the triple option is to stop the dive, contain/hit the QB and then stop the pitchman. If you don't stop the dive play it makes for a long day. I thought Jenkins was a difference maker compared to last year when we were continually gashed up the middle. And once we got up by two scores we really just had to hold them at arm's length.
  • Once you force Johnson into throwing the ball, you've all but won the game. Washington is good in that system but certainly wasn't going to beat us with his arm. 
  • I really think my off season point of focus is going to be on fan laziness. But when you sit in Bobby Dodd you realize we don't have it as bad at Sanford. I mean, at least our students get there before halftime. Tech's students evidently had a robotic calendar conflict. Or their trikes were in the shop.
  • It's LSU week Reader! Who saw that coming back in September?
One faint yet definitive scent found walking out of Bobby Dodd...Munson's cigar. Rest peacefully, you Damn Good Dawg.

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