Thursday, November 10, 2011

A Thursday Night on North Avenue

Thanks to some Hokie in-laws flying in this afternoon, I'll be at Historic Mark Richt Field tonight to watch Virginia Tech battle the engiNerds. Two years ago when we did this someone stole Sean Glennon's jersey and he went on to help dig Chan Gailey's grave. I'm hoping for something just as dramatic tonight.

I mean what are they gonna do? Tell me I don't run this state? 

But truly I hope the real drama comes Saturday at 3:30 when I pay the in-laws back by taking them to Sanford for the first time. I love the look on ACC fans' faces when they see what a real game day atmosphere feels like.

Anyway, send good vibes this blogger's way. If you tune in and see a guy wearing a VA Tech t-shirt and a Dawgs cap talking to Jenn Brown, that's probably me. 

Bonus points if I'm eating a Chick-Fil-A sammich.


Bulldog Bry said...

Today is my annual "I'm a Hokie" day and my neighbors love me.

ScooBoo said...

You look like you are mad at that sammich.  I'll be looking for you on tv, and watch out for the muggers.

Bernie said...

That's actually a HamDog -

And that's actually the face you make as you eat a HamDog.

rick said...

The Bulldog Nation will be Hokies for a night!

Anonymous said...

Sean Glennon had his jersey stolen 4 years ago in 2007.