Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Viva le Tardits!

Pardon me a moment, but some of you old timers will get a kick out of this as well.

I try and check to see where some of you people are coming from every now and then. Yesterday I found an unusual visitor. I've had stray foreigners come by before, like Tadcaster Man. But I got a real chuckle when a frenchman searched "Richard Tardits", clicked on a Google Translate link for "GATA Richard Tardits"...and then found my little space here.

Who's up for a road trip? California is near France right? We could swing by Terry Hoage's vineyard and grab some wine. I'll bring a rugby book to study up on their rules.

I luvs zee Bernie'z Dawg Blawg.


Gadawggood said...

Got to wonder how well "Get after their ass" translates.  lol.  Hope they don't take the wrong meaning.

ScooBoo said...

It sure would be nice if we could borrow a few of his sacks on Saturday.