Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Wednesday's Nerdtastic Thoughts

In this post, Coach Johnson is still a johnson...running backs coming back?...and nerds hate superiority.

  • Tailback, smailback. Will Crowell play? Will Thomas play? I think we'll know more on Crowell after today's practice. As for Thomas, looks like I was wrong. He will probably play. If Crowell can get through practice today and into the the game Saturday, that would make a huge difference. If Thomas can play it means he can follow the rules for more than a week and would give us needed depth.
  • I know I've been off the grid for a couple days. But engiNerds hate Munson. And Kit. In related news, nerds being utter d-bags is not news.
  • At this point, I'm worried less about Munson being offended (truly, he's probably throwing a line out in St. Peter's Lake and laughing his ass off) than I am me punching someone in the nose and missing the game entirely.
  • You know, I've not always been on the same page with Coach Richt. But after listening to countless interviews and just about every radio call in show, I've never heard or seen him act as stupid as Coach Johnson. Stay classy, asshole.
  • That being said, of course the AJC would assume the caller would be a UGA fan. It's not like any Tech grad or student or fan could ever get so giddy on Mountain Dew that he would manage to pull off that prank. "Hello? Hello?"
Lastly, you can lead a nerd to a sorority, but that doesn't necessarily make him horny.

"Yes, of course that is a calculator
in my pocket."

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