Tuesday, November 8, 2011

While you were away Carlton...

Not many Georgia fans would be surprised if Brandon Harton is the second tailback off the sideline Saturday afternoon when the Dawgs take on Auburn. Crowell, Thomas and Malcome all return from a one game suspension. Crowell will return to the top slot, but Harton showed a lot of spunk against New Mexico State. 

Enough to get in the mix a little it sounds like.
Carlton Thomas is listed as the backup to starter Isaiah Crowell, but coach Mark Richt has indicated that Brandon Harton could make a push for the backup job after he rushed for 98 yards and a touchdown on 15 carries against New Mexico State.
“We’re just going to have to play it out this week in practice real hard to just see who we think is best suited to play,” Richt said.
That’s the same message Harton heard Monday from running backs coach Bryan McClendon.
“He just said it will be a battle to see who gets the playing time,” Harton said. “Hopefully I practice good enough this week to play.”
Crowell, Thomas and another tailback, Ken Malcome, are coming off one-game suspensions and are available for Saturday’s game against Auburn.
Thomas has rushed for 200 yards on 44 carries with two touchdowns.
Harton missed just two assignments in the 63-16 win Saturday, he said, “but it was nothing terrible, something that we could correct.”
Thomas, a senior, has played in 23 games at Georgia. Harton, a sophomore and a former walk-on, has played in two, both nonconference.
Getting in an SEC game “would be fantastic," he said. "The first SEC game and then it being Auburn, that’s obviously a big rivalry. It would be good to get out there and help the team win.”


AthensHomerDawg said...

It would be nice if Harton could get into the game and contribute.

Bernie said...

I'd be surprised if he wasn't the first one off the bench.

Sportsdawg said...

Isaiah takes himself out for a lot of offensive plays, so there will be carries out there for Harton and Thomas.

Bernie said...

Going to be interesting to see how often it happens Saturday. I hope Crowell got a clear message last week and comes out ready to roll.

But still, I always try to remember that he's a back that rarely if ever carried the ball in the 4th quarter in high school, much less for more than 15-17 times a game.

Sportsdawg said...

I agree Bernie, and I was thinking during the LSU/Bama game that he might not hold up for many more than those 15-17 carries you just mentioned against either one of those defenses. I think that with a year of S/C at UGA we will see a much more durable back in 2012 (but let's finish strong in 2011 first!). GATA!

Alan Kelley said...

CT should have been kicked off the team IMHO. If we had more depth at RB he would have been. That's 2 suspensions in one season and the season ain't over yet. I hope BH takes over the 2nd string position. He's a DGD!!