Friday, November 18, 2011

Woerner in the Red Zone again

For Immediate Release: Scott Woerner Still Popular with Bulldog Fans Today / Event this weekend.

Scott Woerner was very popular with Bulldog fans from the late 70's till 1980, when he helped the Bulldogs win the National Championship.  "It was Scott Woerner's style of play that we loved to watch.  He was one of those football players who always played incredibly hard, giving it his all on every play" said Mike Moss, Producer of the new "1980 Dawgs" Film, .  "When Scott was in the game at defensive back or returning a kick, we always had the expectation that something exciting could happen at anytime and it often did.  Scott almost single handedly won the Clemson game in 1980 with a punt return for a touchdown and a 97 yard return after making an interception that was key in the Georgia win. He also made an interception to seal the fate of Notre Dame on the last play of the National Championship game."  The tradition first started in 1980  when the fans in Sanford Stadium started yelling "Georgia" on one side and "Bulldogs" on the other.  Shortly after,  they also started yelling a few of the more popular players names.  I can remember clearly the day they were yelling "Scott" and "Woerner".  In the "1980 Dawgs" documentary,  Woerner  speaks of how incredible it was to have his name yelled out like that in Sanford Stadium.

Woerner is still very popular with fans today.  He has recently been on a promotional tour, promoting the "1980 Dawgs" documentary, with Film Director Lenny Daniel, and Producer Mike Moss.  "I've really enjoyed seeing Scott interact with all the Bulldog fans" says Moss.  "You can tell he really enjoys it.  He's outgoing and has a winsome personality.  He loves to tell stories to fans, and often gives his feelings on issues which are very candid."  Moss continues "It's amazing to hear the various stories from passionate fans"  One young man in his early 20's came up with a big smile and said "Mr Woerner, I just want to shake your hand.  I played football through high school.  When I was little, my Dad used to show me films of you because he liked the way you played.  You played hard.  Throughout youth football and high school ball, I wore the number 19 out of respect for you."  A lady came up to the table with misty eyes.  She says: "I just want to shake your hand Scott Woerner.  You were my Dad's favorite player of all time.  He passed away a couple of years ago.  I just wanted to thank you for the joy you brought him, while he was watching you and his Dawgs! "   Scott said later: "Wow, that one blew me away!"  One professional looking middle aged man bought 4 DVD sets for gifts when Scott was doing an event in the Hotel Indigo.  After Scott signed them, the man walked through the lobby of the hotel yelling "Woerner, Woerner, Woerner"  He would look at people he knew, held up the DVD's and yell "Woerner "  You could hear him going out the doors of the hotel, still yelling "Woerner!".  "It was hilarious" says Moss.

Before and right after  this weekend's Kentucky game, (the final home game this season) Scott will be signing autographs again and talking with fans at the popular Red Zone Store in Downtown Athens.   With the holidays approaching, it will be a great opportunity to stock up on a great autographed gift for Bulldog fans.

Details:  Scott Woerner Signing Copies of "1980 Dawgs" DVD's and talking with fans.  Where: The Red Zone, 155 East Clayton Street, Downtown Athens When: 9:30 am to 11:45 before the game and for two hours starting right after the game.  More info

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