Friday, December 23, 2011

About that College Station trip

Not that Georgia fans would say we told you so Aggies...but...we told you so.
Phone records obtained by Dawg Post through a Freedom of Information Act request indicate that Richt only left the state of Georgia twice the week after the SEC Championship Game: a recruiting trip to Raleigh, NC the night of December 4th; and to participate in an Outback Bowl press conference on December 8th.
Richt’s phone records, which indicate where he is when making a call and what location he is calling, show that the Georgia head coach was never in New York City or visiting Texas A&M as had been rumored on Internet websites and printed in major Texas newspapers.
According to those outlets Richt was supposedly visiting with Texas A&M AD Bill Byrne in New York City about the opening at A&M on Tuesday and was touring the facilities in College Station later that week. Richt’s phone records say otherwise.
Step up your game A&M. You're in the SEC now. Flight records are your best friend, in December and January especially.

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