Friday, December 16, 2011

Belue to Scott!

Looking for that special gift? Or perhaps you need to drop a last minute idea on someone for yourself.

Let me suggest Belue to Scott! by Robbie Burns. You can grab this book directly from the website and probably other retailers as well. From reading the acknowledgments and the introduction it is clear this has been a labor of love for Robbie. And believe me, you'll reap the rewards from his efforts as soon as you open it.

I received my copy just as news broke of Munson's passing. So reading his foreward to the book was both eerie, as well as comforting. And since the book itself centers on the championship season's signature play that became Munson's signature call, it is full of quotes and memories that made the reading especially satisfying these last few weeks.

In many ways this book is a must have for the reasons that the 1980 Dawgs DVD is. It is full of quotes, anecdotes and recollections that even the most avid fan is sure to enjoy. Like I said after I watched the DVDI can say the same thing about this Book.  They both provide so much more than I anticipated. I didn't go into reading it believing that I knew all there was to know about the 1980 Georgia-Florida game, but I thought I thought I had a pretty good handle on the history. 

However, Burns doesn't type it as a history lesson. He gives it the proper stage and let's the memories, articles and quotes do their magic. His research is exhaustive; he left no stone unturned when preparing for the task of capturing the excitement of one singular play that meant so much to one singular season.

I hope it finds its way under your tree this Christmas. If it doesn't, do wait for it to show up next year. Grab one of these asap.

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