Saturday, December 10, 2011

BotW: reinstatement, phase one

I'm so eager to type about beer. I think it's because there isn't a football game to travel to, tailgate for and then cheer for today. It's nice to have something else chat about and I've got a lot of things to pass along. So I'll do this in chunks with a couple reviews thrown in between. For today I want to tell you about my newest book.

Here posing with a pint of Fireside Chat
If you like beer you need to add The Oxford Companion to Beer to your gift list. I asked for it for Christmas but was lucky enough to get it for my birthday a couple weeks ago (thanks Mom and Dad!). It evidently has a few historical inaccuracies in it which I'll address in a later post about brew podcasts. But it is literally the perfect companion to your pint glass. 

Just putting aside the fact that beer is now such a major thirst-quenching player worldwide that Oxford scholars would approve this tome, this is the biggest and best reference point for all things brew. Whether you are a home-brewer, curious history buff, just a drinker of beer or all of those rolled into one you will enjoy this expert compilation. So far I've just enjoyed perusing certain entries that happen to come to mind as I'm reading, listening to others or drinking. Such as the other day when I decided I wanted to know more about how malt is processed. I thumbed through the index, grabbed the page number and Boom! I've got it.

Also put aside the fact that it costs about the equivalent of 4 sixers of a nice craft brew. It'll be worth it in the long run. Especially if Santa leaves it under your tree. Just tell him Bernie sent ya.


Bernie said...

I'm so eager to hear your type about beer.

I'm a beginner home-brewer myself and have been collecting a book here and there to build a library.  We broke open our first batch of home-brew for the Florida game this year, and we're currently working on batches two and three trying a few different styles.
I'll likely be ordering a copy of the Oxford Comanion myself now, so thanks for the recommendation.  If you don't already have a copy, I recommend the book "Tasting Beer" by Randy Mosher, which I'm sure isn't as in depth as the Oxford Companion, but a good read nonetheless.

Go Dawgs!

Bernie said...

Thanks for the book rec. I loved homebrewing. The process of making the wort and preparing the carboy was my favorite. I wasn't so good at waiting during the fermentation and aging. I really wanna get back into. Especially now that it's a lot easier to get good ingredients. Back in the 90s I was living in Athens and driving to Roswell Road to get malt and hops.

Back to books, one book I used back then was the Brew-Master's Bible by Stephen Snyder. It had a lot of recipes and great write ups on styles, suggestions, etc. Check it out as well.

Bernie said...

Found an Amazon link. I would look for it at a bookstore first maybe to see if it might help you. If so, $13 bucks for this one is a must for homebrewers. Cheers!