Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Charles to return, and break White's future record

I like Aron White's plan to get Orson to return for his senior season: score a touchdown and make him jealous enough to come back to break White's future record.
The big question is whether starter Orson Charles will go pro. White, who has been sharing snaps with Charles for most of the past few years, has an angle on how Georgia can get Charles to return: Get White into the end zone in the Outback Bowl. White and Charles are tied for the all-time touchdown record for a tight end at Georgia. So White, a senior, hopes that he gets one in the bowl game to take the lead, and then Charles decides he wants the record and returns for his senior year. “So everybody root for me to score a touchdown in the bowl if you want Orson to come back,” White said. “I’m doing this for you all, not for me.” White also joked - at least he was probably joking - that he didn't want Charles to go pro now and "kill my draft stock."
Everybody wins.

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