Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Cleaning house

Some quick items to pick up with the dust pan.
  • Sorry about not having the meatloaf ready yesterday. To make up for it I'll have a rare Friday Feedbag in a few days.
  • There's been some slight quirks with the commenting. I believe it was a Blogger to Disqus interface issue, most likely coming from comments made on the mobile version of the blog. If you ever make a comment it should appear immediately. If it doesn't please email me (berniedawg AT gmail DOT com) and I'll correct it.
  • Yesterday we broke down Crowell. Tomorrow it's Richt's turn. Only fair after reeling off 10 straight wins, right?
  • Lastly, I've been contacted by a Michigan State blogger. We'll exchange some questions as we prepare for the Outback Bowl. Hope to have a few up early next week and then one more round once we're closer to New Years's and practices have revved up.


Reverend Whitewall said...

Bernie, I had a similar issue with commenting at our site.  On some mobile phones, the default Blogger commenting system was apparently showing up.  What I did to fix it was change the commenting in Blogger under Settings to "Only Member of This Blog".  So the only way the default Blogger comment field would ever show up would be for one of us 3 authors, and we'd obviously catch it right away, but it still allows Disqus to display for everyone (if you turn off Blogger comments entirely, it also takes away Disqus).  Hope this helps - or if you had already figured all this out, just disregard.  Love your work here.

Bernie said...

I hadn't tried that setting. Thanks for the tip. I thought Disqus was just moving along swimmingly and then I happened to check the Blogger comments one day and it had several there waiting approval. I had noticed a difference in commenting on the mobile version of the site, so figured it was that.