Thursday, December 22, 2011

Coach Richt - wins, loses

I'm back in the GA, ready to give my two pennies.

Coach Richt has always been the near perfect example of how you can't please everybody. He's too religious. Too nice. Doesn't show enough emotion on the sidelines. Gives sloppy, tongue happy kisses to his favorite coed.

He doesn't win enough to satisfy the fanbase; even after a 10-3 season some would jump at the chance to grab another Corch lolz. And now even when he does something out of the kindness of his heart he gets his hand slapped. While Ohio State ran out of shovels to cover up their improprieties and Penn State ran out of moral compasses, Richt's "handouts" bring the NCAA to the Butts-Mehre door.

Even when the guy wins, he gets punished.

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