Monday, December 19, 2011

Crowell speaks. Will feet follow?

Good read by Weiszer as Isaiah Crowell reflects on his freshman season. It's pretty obvious he's turning into a polished interviewee. Personally, if his feet can follow his mouth then I think he can break 1000 sooner rather than later. The Dawg Nation has grown tired of his attitude. But if #1 can back up the talk with some walk, then he'll hear the cheers loud an clear.

No meatloaf today. Out of town and the phone doesn't cook too well. Y'all probably need to get to shopping for the wives' Christmas gift anyway.

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Bernie said...

Just a guess but I think he plays more games, has about the same total carries, but the YPC go up and he has a very big year helping Georgia back to the SECCG as the lead Dawg of several solid running backs next year.