Saturday, December 17, 2011

Jarvis not just talking the talk

Months ago he said he wasn't interested in entering the NFL early. It was music to Dawg fans ears, but we still waited with bated breath to see if a mid season quote was still in his heart at season's end.

Well, no real surprise that Jarvis wasn't just pumping sunshine.
Outside linebacker Jarvis Jones, a third-year sophomore and consensus All-American, said “there’s no reason” for him to send in paperwork since he had long decided to return.
“I love being here,” Jones said. “I love the guys I play with. I love my coaches. I don’t think I’m ready to let that go yet.”
Meanwhile, SEC linemen could use a tissue to dry their tears. On the upside they have several more months to practice their holding, cuz even that didn't always work to contain #29.


Bernie said...

Just awesome to think of him being a Dawg for another year... Just hope he really doesn't change his mind after the bowl game!

Bernie said...

He won't.

Bernie said...

Sounds like he has a very mature thought process.  Many young men his age have difficulty making decisions about  their future because they have trouble seeing the total picture. I'm happy for him.  He is comfortable with himself and you can see it. He is rock solid!

Anonymous said...

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