Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Keith Marshall gives us The Truth

Widely regarded as the nation's #1 running back recruit, Keith Marshall of Raleigh NC plans to give everyone his decision this afternoon about 2:45. He plans to enroll early, so his commitment is likely the truth.

Georgia has long been considered the favorite as long as Richt is still the head coach. Since that is now a foregone conclusion it would seem that today's announcement is low on drama. Probably so. I'd be shocked if he doesn't end up in Athens this Winter. South Carolina and Florida are very distant longshots.

But...the other possibility is Clemson. And Clemson recruits like a middle eastern oilman that is up on all the rap lyrics and vernacular that goes with it. Dabo was a guest at Lil Wayne's 16th birthday party and is the one who taught Pitbull exactly how you have a real good time. There are unsubstantiated rumors that he also laces that hunk of granite with rohypnol before recruits "touch" it. By the time it wears off they're covered in orange and are living with Dwayne Allen on some farm owned by an IPTAYer.

In short, you can't rule out the school that landed the TOP TWO recruits from FLORIDA last year and convinced them to come to "upper" South Carolina and ride a tractor to botany class every Tuesday and Thursday morning. I think Dabo even got the last official visit. BUT...Richt (and McLendon) got the last in home Sunday night.

I think Marshall is a Dawg.

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