Thursday, December 1, 2011

Lil Dooley's Camp Run Amok

UT radio personality Tony Basilio lights a fire under Derek Dooley's football program with his post yesterday*. And while it reads like an inflammatory piece desperate for attention, given how things have played out with the program recently and Bray and Rogers in particular, it's pretty easy to smell the gasoline on your own. (*this website doesn't seem to allow specific links to posts, so if you can't find it look for A Look Inside UT's Program Enter With Caution)

On Bray and Rogers as cancerous cells:
Many were wondering what the outgoing seniors were talking about when they were mentioning younger guys concerned with their own agendas. Well, two guys they were definitely referring to are Tyler Bray and Da Rick Rogers. 

Try this on for size: During the week of the Vandy game, Bray was asked in front of several upperclassmen by a member of the training staff if he completed a cursory workout exercise to which Bray shot back in the earshot of all ‘No. Not really. And I’m not going to do it. Why should I? Besides we’re only going to a shitty bowl game anyway.’ Sources tell me that the upperclassmen who heard this exchange were so incensed that they went to Derek Dooley who shrugged it off and did nothing about it. Another source told me that ‘Dooley shrugs several things off including the way Rogers back talks to everybody he possibly can.’ (More on this later).

This is apparently par for the course with Bray’s leadership or lack thereof on the football team.
Basilio then goes on to explain how Bray "freelances" on offense, basically running whatever plays he wants or can draw up in the huddle. And how Rogers chastises his own coaches and position mates. 

But he's not done there. He takes one last jab before signing off:
On the Kentucky game…..According to Randy Sanders off the record (got this through a couple folks who talked with him in the aftermath of the game), Tennessee let a QB beat them Saturday who was installed on Wednesday of game week as the starter. Sanders told one friend of mine in town that their converted WR had two full practices at QB and only ran 6 total plays. If this isn’t the bottom, what is?
Not to glance over the fact that Basilio is using off the record sources, but the fact that one of the worst teams in the league could get by with 6 plays from a converted WR that was put in the pocket last Wednesday should be enough to make Derek take a long look in the mirror.

And not just at his hair. 


AthensHomerDawg said...

Anyone need a tissue?

Peter Sanford said...

We dodged a bullet with Rodgers. Figuratively of course... although give it time. He may get a weapons charge before it's all said and done. 

Reverend Whitewall said...

Ouch, that one was pretty painful.  These reports about Rogers and Bray seem to be pretty consistent though.  And as the old adage says, where there's smoke, there's usually fire.  It's just nice to finally have all our boys pulling in the same direction!

Suwaneedawg said...

So glad rogers wears orange. They deserve each other. If Dooley is smart he will get the hell out of there and do before his coaching credentials come into question in the future.

AthensHomerDawg said...

They just lost their WR coach....... probably their best coach? It's too late for CDD. He is destined to be a sports agent anyway.

Bernie said...

I think Baggett will be the first of a handful. A pacifier for the masses, that probably equals a thin finger in the dike.

Big Al said...

d. rogers is nothing but trouble. look up his high school career. im from calhoun where he played his senior year and that is only bc he got kicked out of darlington for trouble. Wont learn and he will probably be gone by end of the year because nash nance is playing at all(nash nances dad paid alot of money for this to happen. millions). Nash will be transfering probably to harvard is what mike nance said. So good bye d rogers

Bernie said...

I just got back today from Knoxville and a couple of UT fans told me that the rumor is out that Rogers is either kicked off or getting kicked off the team. Maybe Jacksonville State will take him.