Saturday, December 3, 2011

LSwho: gameday edition

The keys to the game (most of which have been stated numerous times for nearly a week):
  • Run the ball. At least enough to open up passing lanes for Murray and his receivers. We can move the ball against this defense as long as there are serviceable yards gained on the ground.
  • Protect the ball. It's really the key to every game. But when you play a team like LSU it becomes vitally important. Win the turnover margin by 1 and we have a chance. Win it by 2+ and we might just steal this thing.
  • Be more special. LSU's special teams stats are unreal. They've allowed SIX TOTAL YARDS ALL SEASON on punt returns. That's one example. That Mathieu kid averages over 13 yards per return. This game seems to favor a defensive battle. If it plays out that way, then we have to maintain field position by protecting the kicks against returns.
And now Shirley Q. Liquor with the LSU fight song! (h/t Dawgtoons)

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