Friday, December 2, 2011

L...S...WHO gave these students a YouTube account?

Considering the disaster that was "Party in the UGA" the previous not to be named song parody/motivational UGA video*, this is...not as embarrassing....??

Not to pick any nits, but two immediate things jump out: 1) it's LSWho, not L S U Who?...and 2) could our president's belt buckle be any higher above his waistline? 

*I was reprimanded yesterday on Twitter for mentioning the name of the song/video. As if it's my fault Prez Adams gives each incoming student unlimited WiFi and a free YouTube account.


NamamaN said...

Oh my.... That was quite a video. Maybe we should do a quick re-creation of it before the game on Saturday! NOT!

MT said...

An abomination. The video needed a little less Buckhead and a little more College Park.

Sic Em' said...

These kids seemed to have an absolute blast doing this video. Good for them.

Anybody who feels otherwise is just jealous that their glory days have passed them by, and are NEVER. COMING. BACK.


Bob Dailey said...

How Bout Them Dawgs!!!!!

guest said...

I actually really like it.  Really represents the fun-loving, quirkiness of our student body.  In a weird way....the last clip really makes me proud to have gone to Georgia....we're all Dawgs!

HerschelBlogger said...

Thanks for the input Sic Em, except it isn't just alumni that are embarrassed with this and basically every video that's come from our student body recently. We current students are quite embarrassed as well. It makes the University look bad, especially when Richt and Michael Adams are in these videos.
Just because you have a video camera and a YouTube account and you CAN, doesn't mean you SHOULD.