Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Keith Marshall steps into Crowell's backfield

Coach Richt's missing man formation just got a lot more crowded.

Just as Keith Marshall uttered the words we all expected him to, I couldn't help but wonder what Isaiah Crowell was thinking. I also wondered who he was with when he found out that the 2012 top running back was coming to Athens to compete with the 2011 top running back. Teenagers have an uncanny ability to concern themselves with what those around them are thinking. Was he hanging around any energy vampires? 

I know a lot of people are talking about how they're not worried about Crowell's injuries or attitude anymore now that the next big sensation is coming to Athens. And even more competition could very well follow. But the same thing holds true now as it did back in September/October when Crowell was gaining all those yards: we're a better team with his talent. I sincerely hope he gets things turned around because competition is a good thing. Real good.

Anyway. I agree with every point PWD makes in this piece about Marshall. I would simply add one thing. The best part about getting Keith Marshall as a Dawg is that he'll be here in January. He'll start working out with the team, conditioning himself to be an SEC back, getting familiar with the playbook, campus life...adjusting to being away from his home.

All of those things are good for the young man transitioning from all-star high school phenom to the rigors of the bottom of McLendon's depth chart. And if we're lucky it helps Crowell make his turnaround sooner rather than too late, so that all that competition between January and September translates to quality depth next Fall.


Bernie said...

Wonder what Malcome is thinking today?

Bernie said...

Keith is giving up basking in the glow the spring of his senior year, and defending his state 100 meter title. His 10.44 performance last year is tied for 15th all time NC high school best with several others including Tim Worley. He's giving this up to be a freshman. Speaks well of his mettle.

Bernie said...

I hope KM sticks around, and I'm certainly glad he changed his mind a couple months ago. Of course, I also wish he could've kept from being suspended during the New Mexico State game. I read a quote recently to the effect of he's found his role as the "bruising back" and has accepted it. Thought he would do well as that change of pace guy.

Bernie said...

Yeh, I really like him so far. I especially liked the way his annoucenment was quick and to the point. Not a lot of unnecessary drama with hats or puppies.