Monday, December 12, 2011

Monday's Meatloaf - a picture to invest in

I hate strong-arming anyone into anything. But as a parent sometimes you just have to do that with your kids. Saturday morning they were no more interested in a trip to Athens than they were one to the dentist. Now, it didn't get so bad that I had to pull the Santa is watching card. Very closely I might add. But suffice it to say they weren't as eager to pile into the car and venture down 316 again as they were back in September.

And in some ways I could relate. This was the first Saturday in a long while that not only didn't have Georgia football to prepare for, but also didn't have any games that related to its well being. It would be nice to simply laze around, watch a movie and maybe catch a nap.

But damnit, I was going. And they were going with me.

It's not everyday you get a chance to give back to someone you've admired for decades. Larry Munson never needed anything from me except the energy to get the picture and hunker down one more time. I never had to jumpstart his car in a parking lot and I was never so lucky as to help shove his boat into a pond somewhere. So Saturday was my chance to say thanks.

Yes, I was there in 2008 as we said goodbye at halftime of the Georgia Tech game. That is one of my favorite moments in Sanford. But it's never completely felt right to me. That's not a knock on UGA admin or anyone else that put that tribute together. It's just that I was also there for the game itself. Saturday afternoon in Sanford was more intimate, was just about Munson and was a celebration of his life in addition to his career.

So I was thankful that attitudes had improved greatly by the time we crossed into Oconee County. Otherwise the beatings would have continued until morale improved! We had a nutritional lunch at the Varsity and by the time we were parked you could see the anticipation in their little eyes. We walked across the bridge and you could hear them playing some highlights and interviews,. They even said to me "That's him right Daddy?!?"

It was him. More specifically it was his voice. The same one that helped us get the picture for 42 years was there to echo along the east end one more time. The words of his own sons gave a glimpse into the man that existed beyond the headset. We sat and soaked it all in. My kids have only seen me cry once before I think. By the time Jonathan Munson finished speaking they certainly had at least a faint idea of why this trip, on this Saturday was so important for me personally.

And one day they'll think back and be even more thankful that they were to. I can point to pictures of the man and can give them game tape to listen to. And it was a cold shadow to sit in which made it even harder for young arms and legs to sit still for 83 minutes. But it was worth the small sacrifices as expected.

Because in the end all we have is time. And I'm thankful my time as a Bulldog coincided with so much of Larry Munson's career. Saturday was but a small investment in our day. But the memory of it will certainly reap rewards tenfold or more.

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Y'all have a great Monday. Go Dawgs!



Bernie said...

Now look what you did!!!  You got me tearring up too.  It was indeed a special moment we'll never have again.

Bernie said...

Well, if you have any spare Kleenex. lol They've posted the video from Saturday as well. -

Bernie said...

This was the best thing I've read in a long time.