Sunday, December 11, 2011

Munson remembered

"Not gonna cry because it's over. I'm gonna smile because it happened." -Charlie Whittemore (via Dr. Seuss)

Yesterday's memorial was an excellent tribute and a great experience for Dawgs, friends, colleagues and family alike. I'm quite sure Munson spent the afternoon smiling down on us through a cloud of cigar smoke.

According to the AJC about 3500 fans showed. I thought it was more than that. But it was a good crowd on the south end. It was impressive to see fans file in, very quiet and thoughtful. A videography played on the big board prior to the service. The silence was interrupted occasionally as we cheered for Lindsay to run, and as Carswell was mobbed.

Quick rundown of the program: 

  • Scott Howard - great job of giving stories and providing transitions in between speakers. Talked about trying to talk Munson out of retirement after Music City Bowl in 2001.
  • Greg McGarity - spoke briefly to Munson's legacy and importance to Georgia football
  • Battle Hymn was played by the redcoats who set up in the west endzone
  • Mark Richt - gave the invocation
  • President Adams - emphasized his professional relationship with Munson
  • Tony Barnhart - if you've read the book or heard Tony speak about Munson, this was about the same. Has a lot of good memories with the man.
  • Wes Durham - this was a video message since Durham was on the road and couldn't make it. But it was as genuine as you'd expect from him. Good stuff.
  • Coach Dooley - this turned into more of a roast for a while. Emphasized the personal side of Larry Munson. Dooley really had everyone laughing and added that Munson asked his worms to "hunker down" on fishing trips.
  • Charlie Whittemore - former player under Dooley, now Asst. Athletic Director of Facilities. Evidently spent a lot of time getting to know Munson over the years. Gave the quote of the afternoon, see above.
  • Jonathan Munson - his dad always called him "Josh", really helped everyone see how Munson could react to things in his personal life (like Josh's soccer games) in much the same way as he did in the Sanford broadcast booth.
  • Michael Munson - spoke on behalf of the family as well, thanking many people who meant a great deal to Munson as well as the family, especially during the last few years.

Here's some pictures.

Sanford flag at half mast

Stage is set for the guests

AD McGarity speaks of Munson's legacy

This photo displayed on the big board throughout except when a video was playing


Bernie said...

hey Bernie,did I see you at the fountain by Herty Field around 11 yesterday morning?

Bernie said...

No, just about that time we were answering the question "What'll ya have? What'll ya have?" on Milledge. Sorry I missed you. Slaw dogs and onion rings were good though.

Bernie said...

Thank you for the recap. There will never be a Larry Munson... a true legend spanning all sports broadcasting.

Bernie said...

The only man who could make Dooley sound like an optimist...amazing!!!