Monday, December 26, 2011

On Charles, Rome, Lynch...and Figgins

89 = DamnGoodDawg
No meatloaf today. After all that Christmas Day turkey and fixins I just didn't have the energy to make a meatloaf. If all goes well I should have some leftover turkey for your Tuesday. However, I did want to share a couple really good reads.

First, Ching evaluates ($$) the tight end position with White graduating and Charles possibly leaving for the NFL. Jay Rome ended up redshirting this season and is now on the bench for Coach Fox. Lynch is the often forgotten man at the position. White and Bobo talk like he will more than fill any cleats left behind. There's also a nice interview with Rome by Nabulsi.

Georgia has proven they have the system to support multiple tight ends. And even should Charles turn pro (which many think he will according to the poll) we should still have some quality depth, just inexperienced. Lynch has seen few legitimate snaps and Rome will be just a redshirt freshman. We have a commit in Ty Smith of Colquitt Co as well.

Also, really good read by Clarkson on Bruce Figgins' career as a Dawg and what his graduation meant to his family, especially his mom who is fighting breast cancer. Figgins' road in Athens has been a little bumpy, but he's proven to be a team player and a damn good Dawg. I'm really sad to see him go. I think I get pretty soft and mushy when it comes to players who change positions to help the team. I've heard Richt say on a couple occasions that he's hesitant to hand the ball off to someone who's never had a carry in his career. I get that. But I hope we work 89 into the plan some more in the Outback. Would bark extra loud if he found the endzone.

And I really hope NFL scouts see what he did this year as a fullback and see him as a valuable commodity in a tightend/H-back role. I think he'd do well. And it couldn't happen to a better man. Stay strong Ms. Figgins and GATA Bruce!


Bernie said...

If Charles stays which I hope he does, I would move him to the slot and still use Rome and Lynch as the tight ends. Imagine Charles at 6 3 250 and 4.5 speed in the slot, he would be unbelievable. And the would give us a way to put Rome and Lynch on the field at the same time. One can never have to many weapons on the field. Of course since it looks as though he is leaving this is probably moot.

Bernie said...

You state the "Lynch has very few snaps". Such is not the case... what is true is that he wasn't the recipient of many passes this year. However, Lynch was used a lot as a blocking tight end. Artie's got very good hands and will see more balls thrown his way in '12.

Bernie said...

few legitimate snaps = few snaps where he's a receiving target

With his size and hands he's going to be a difficult matchup for sure.