Thursday, December 15, 2011

On Tebow...and winning

People by nature are a jealous, miserable lot. Faced with the opportunity to watch a documentary on Mother Theresa or the latest episode of Housewives of Hateville, they'll almost unanimously choose to feed their greedy, malnourished, melodramatic and discontented brains.

I don't like that Tim Tebow went to Gainesville to matriculate. The young man however I have no issue with. Now, while wearing the scripted helmet, I don't like that after each play he celebrated so excessively. But with his athleticism and talents I have no complaint. I really don't like the fact that the media seems constantly obsessed with him. But that's not really his fault.

So I enjoyed this satirical piece on Tebow's recent success as a Denver Bronco. True, most of the reason Tebow is 5-1 as a starter is due to the defense and some good fortune. But when you finish reading Jason Gay's piece you can't help but chuckle at the sports fan/media's absurd preoccupation over what Tim Tebow isn't able to do, as well as the fact that he's doing the only thing that matters.



Bernie said...

From the day he left school, I really only wished success for him. Truthfully I didn't think he would find it, and he may not be long term, but I enjoy those "in the arena" getting worked up about his current streak. Ask most Dawg fans and we'll tell you. Tebow was not the problem. Tebow worship was. Do I feel guilty cheering for him? A little. But here's a guy just winning, and his own company VP is doing everything he can to tear him down. Winning ugly is still winning

Bernie said...

I have never liked the main stream media, but of all the MSM's horrible deeds, making me root for Teebow is by far the worst.  Go Broncos!

Bernie said...

From time to time, I listen to Cowherd and spends an inordinate amount of time explaining why Tim can't be the right choice. Mostly, the analysis is that he is too unconventional in his mechanics to last and that defenses will catch up and make him pay. They said the same thing about Mike Vick. Sure, if Tim gets hurt like Vick got hurt, his team is toast. But since Peyton Manning has been hurt how ell has his team done?

The real fear if you are Elway is paying a guy who plays like he is likely to get hurt eventually because of his style, because you can only to pay one winning QB in the NFL, and if he goes down, your team is going to be toast. Still, they weren't even stale bread crumbs before Tim.

Bernie said...

I agree and have no problem supporting/rooting for Tebow.  But another reason to root for the Broncos is Knowshon and Champ.

Bernie said...

I agree. Elway is in a difficult spot, from a business vantage point. And a lot of Bronco fans are getting restless that he's coming across as non-supportive.

Bernie said...

By far!