Saturday, December 17, 2011

Stuff that stocking, Dawggy style!

For all of you over zealous Holiday shoppers, please continue on your merry way. Nothing to see here...go on! Run along!

Now, the rest of you are like me I guess. Waiting until the last minute to get that shopping done. So after yesterday's post on Burns' book I thought I'd help us all out by listing some items that are high on my list.

  • 1980 Dawgs DVD set. Here's my review and here's a link to their website. YOU HAVE TO HAVE THIS as part of your collection. A must, trust me.
  • Belue to Scott. Here's my review and here's a link to the website. Also a MUST HAVE whether you lived through the 1980 season or you've simply heard about it in stories and Munson replays.
  • Munson Bobbleheads - is there a better way to remember the great Larry Munson than to have him sitting on your desk whenever you need that pick me up? You can get it at Glory Glory stores as well as other places.
  • Anything from Amazon - I've heard the guys at From Hedges to Hardwood shamelessly plug their Amazon tab on their podcasts. Figured I might as well do the same. If you're ever buying anything from the seemingly all inclusive website, why not use my button over there on the right and allow Amazon to cut me a commission? Especially if it's something as snazzy as a Kindle Fire!!
While you're shopping for your favorite Dawg, go ahead and buy yourself one of these items too. Or wait and see if it makes its way into your stocking. And if it doesn't, you can just gift them to yourself. It'll be another Festivus Miracle!!

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