Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sunday's Thoughts on 10-3

I used to like the GA Dome. Sigh.

After analyzing hours of stats and analytics, I must say that I think it should be Georgia vs South Carolina in the MNC game. all seriousness. We have nothing to "blame" the loss on. LSU (in the end) was the much better team, as expected. We needed a perfect game and couldn't produce it. You can't blame the coaches by any means. You can't blame the dropped passes, the missed field goal or the defensive lapses in the second half. This was LSU's win. Respect it for what it's worth.

In the end we weren't good enough to withstand the mistakes against the best team in the country. That's not designed to trash any bad throws, missed catches, missed tackles, missed #1's or missed calls on the let's jump up an down on the honey badger train punt return.

Seriously, what else is there to say? I'll have my honest take on Crowell later. We could've been up as much as 21-0 at half but I don't know that it would've helped much. LSU is a damn good football team. Even better than I thought. And good enough to win with defense and special teams alone.

I'm upset that we lost. But not irrational over it. We had a helluva season. Damn proud of our Dawgs.


Reverend Whitewall said...

Agreed, Bernie.

BulldogBry said...

You always say whay I'm thinking. Proud of this team

Stevie King said...

I look at the game as an example of what we could be and what we are.  The first half showed how much potential is there.  It also showed where we aren't quite there on complete execution.  Obviously the second half pointed out why LSU is #1 and why we aren't there yet.  It was a great season, so much better than I hoped for.  And I'm excited as to what the future holds.  

Eyes peeled for the IC comments, I need a few more days to not be irrational when discussing #1


Lowcountry Dawg said...

I'll comment on Crowell now, irrational or not. He just does not seem to want to play. LSU had 4 backs, any one of whom could have been a star at UGA. Richt must recruit running backs by charachter and desire, not by rankings. I think #1 is a prima donna who has never been hit before like he was this year. His reaction to those hits has been to look to the sidelines for a replacement, rather than get stronger and tough it out. I say he has this off season and spring to muscle up and toughen up, or we part ways just as we did with Ealy and go in another direction. I know CMR wants to love him, but this situation requires tough love now.

Jim said...

We will see if Crowell has it in him to grow up give all he has on the gridiron, and, off of it as well.  He has to decide if he wants to obey team rules whether they are more technical in nature or spill over into areas of law we are all obligated to follow.  On the field he has to decide if he wants to pay the price of playing in the SEC.  That is, does he insist on coming out of the game because he is a bit winded or someone hit him hard enough that it stung?  If his decision going forward is suck it up and keep playing, then I think he could become a very good running back.  If not, then I don't see him staying at UGA much longer. 

AthensHomerDawg said...

Per Crowell ....... I have a deja vu feeling about all this.....

"ATHENS, Ga. — A college career that never satisfied the expectations of
many took a final downward turn Wednesday when Georgia running back Jasper
Sanks was dismissed from the team by Coach Mark Richt.

Sanks led Georgia with 896 yards rushing as a sophomore, but he lost his
starting job last season and then was arrested after the season in Columbus for
misdemeanor charges of possession of marijuana. The charges were dropped two
months later."

Man I hope Crowell doesn't go Jasper Sanks on us, or we will be adding that to the Senators Lexicon.  There is a lot to be excited about and I look forward to hearing about where we may go bowling Capital, Outback, Cotton? I hope some kids hang around this next year to help up win that SEC in 2012.
Go Dawgs!

paul said...

I think it's a lot more likely he goes the route of Ealy. Simply doesn't seem to have the discipline, desire or attitude necessary to be successful at this level. I hope he proves me wrong. We'll know by September.

DawgByte said...

This lose wasn't just about Crowell, in fact he's only a tiny portion of what went wrong. The first thing to go wrong yesterday was having to play LSU. They simply had too many horses in the barn. By late in the 2nd Qtr. the battle across the line of scrimmage was beginning to illustrate the differences between the two teams and slowly are walls began to crumble. Murray looked frustrated by his receivers in ability to catch passes and he doesn't have the maturity yet to shake that off.

I'm not disappointed, because I knew we were overmatched by what is clearly the superior team. This team needs to build on this 10 win season and iron out the weak areas, starting at Running Back.

greywolf1 said...

I am proud of the Dawgs but it still hurt. I can't seem to figure out Crowell. He hasn't really been hit until now. I wish we would quit trying to compare him to Herschel. He is a far cry from that.

CrawforDawg said...

The depth.  I just can't believe the depth LSU has.  We aspire to be there and someday will.  Go Sawgs!

CrawforDawg said...


Ginny said...

 We will be there if we start oversigning.