Wednesday, December 28, 2011

TEH SEC SKED 2012!!!!!1

The anticipation was almost too much.


Sept 8    at Mizzou
Sept 22  Vandy
Sept 29  Tennessee
Oct 6     at S. Carolina
Oct 20   at Kentucky
Oct 27   WLOCP
Nov 3    Ole Miss
Nov 19  at Auburn

So no bye week before Florida...BUT the gators have South Carolina on October 20th.

Other than that, about as expected. What are your thoughts?


Bernie said...

I love it.  Granted, I prefer the off week before the WLOCP, but it's not like UK is going to be a tough game in terms of having us all beat up.  Plus, as you stated, Florida has to host SC and I'm just fine with that.

Haters gonna hate.

Bernie said...

Haters gon blame us because Fl and Tn suck. The bottomline is you've got to DO WORK in the SEC regardless. I hope we're ready for whoever we play.