Saturday, January 15, 2011

Today's Trifecta

First, we have to defeat General Akbar on the road. No easy task for Georgia's basketball program historically. But son, this ain't your daddy's Hoop Dawgs. Let GRjr drive and dish and the rebel alliance will crumble...

Next, the Packers bring their cheesey goodness to the ATL. Step back, they're pretty wound up!

h/t comcredo

But Falcons fans are ready to Rise UP!! Project 115 is in full force TODAY!! Send the cheeseheads packing for their Wisconsin hibernation.

And lastly, every trifecta needs something to make the bet really pay off. A real longshot. Ladies and gents...Justin Bad MoFo Houston...

h/t magicbOy

Is that his last play at Sanford? That night it sure felt like it. Truthfully, it still feels like it. His paperwork would need to be in by today. It's there...right?

3 Dimes Down

Come back Baby...Rock and roll never forgets.

The Drive By Truckers play their third consecutive show tonight at the 40 Watt to kick off their Go Go Boots tour. To help with my misery at missing it...

And if you're also a fan, you can give their Thursday night show a listen here. (h/t jbyce)

Recruiting Roundup - 18 Days til NSD

A little more on Harrow. Here's a video of him, although it's a little hard to follow him on the field. He's #45...

h/t joewin25

Good skills. And as was commented yesterday, he recently got a qualifying test score so now the offers are coming late. He's probably an early special teamer that grows into a corner back role. Frankly, I applaud the quick trigger on the offer by Coach Richt. But it can be a fairly divisive question. 

Do you agree? Do you see it more as a play for Crowell's signature? Does that really matter?

Friday, January 14, 2011

Recruiting Roundup - 19 Days til NSD

Still perplexed by the lack of announcement by Justin Houston. Thought he was a slam dunk to leave. But the fact that we still haven't heard one way or the other tells me he's really considering staying. And that tells me Richt/Grantham have really gotten in his ear. Tomorrow's the deadline, so maybe we hear something later today.

But suppose he does leave (surely he will, right?)...

This Deion Barnes kid would help fill the void, especially with Dickson apparently Bama bound. Barnes is a lot closer to his other top school, Penn State. The Philadelphia native is a relentless pursuer of the football who just needs ready access to a meal hall and a weight room. He's in Athens this weekend. Y'all make sure he doesn't slip on any ice while he's there and think to himself, I can get this s*** back a lot closer to home.

The most intriguing news yesterday came from Columbus, where Carver safety Quintavious Harrow says he has a UGA offer all of a sudden. Hey, if signing Lonnie Outlaw helps us get Nick Marshall...why not, right?

Yes, Harrow is a good friend of Crowell. Since they also just happen to be visiting Athens at the same time next weekend, let's hope they spend a lot of time on the drive back talking about how awesome Athens is. 

A few simple words...

A couple people have asked, so here's a few thoughts on the headlines from this week:

  • Dowtin - the bottomline is this is what is best for the football team and Marcus himself. He may not have been let go simply because of what happened in Maryland last May, but it was the icing on a pretty distasteful cake. Dowtin will regroup and take his talents elsewhere for a fresh start, he'll do well. And our locker room will benefit just as much.
  • S&C - the addition of Tony Gilbert, Thomas Brown and Kendrell Bell coupled with the beginning of off season workouts has brought some more criticism and discussion among fans. And while the whole direction we've taken is pretty probably makes more sense to evaluate this thing in depth once all of the hires are public. And save a thorough critique until after the South Carolina game.
  • Fran Tarkenton - I didn't really find his comments all that surprising. I've read and heard him say similar things before. The only thing that's really newsworthy here is the timing of it. Coach Richt has made himself an easy target now. Which means radio stations are more likely to give guys like Tarkenton 13 minutes to make sound bytes. The more intriguing question to me is - a year from now, will 680theFan give Fran the airtime to apologize...or say he told us so?
That's two pennies, from me to you.

Congrats, Yata

You gotta give him credit, Sundiata Gaines is relentless, a worker...tireless player. Yet Dawg fans have know this for quite some time.

So congrats to Gaines on signing another 10 day contract with the Raptors. I know very, very little about NBA basketball. But I do know this: He survived Felton. He survived a tornado. Surely he can survive Toronto.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Two Junior Dawgs Stay

So Boykin and Glenn have decided to stay for their senior year. This is great news. We tailgate near Boykin's parents. They're, terrific Dawgs! 

But more than that, we'll have two future NFL draft picks protecting Murray and another draft pick returning both kicks and picks for six in 2011.
Georgia’s 2011 football team got a boost on Wednesday night with word that Brandon Boykin and Cordy Glenn are returning for their senior seasons instead of entering the NFL draft.
Of course, word's still out on Justin Houston. If you're an eternal optimist like me, buy some of this stock: 

He's been to all team functions this week, but has 
yet to decide. Is that a vote in our favor?

If so, I feel bad for any 2011 SEC quarterbacks not named Murray. But surely that's wishful thinking...right?

Strength and Tweeting

Jeff Owens became nearly legendary for his Waffle House tweets, and such. So I found it somewhat amusing last night when a conversation via twitter popped up between him and Christian Robinson, who had just tweeted about the difficulty of Coach T's workouts. Here's a synopsis (remember that tweets read from bottom to top):

And here's Owens' feed:

Of course, it's all "talk" right now. I'm officially reserving judgement until after South Carolina in September. But it at least sounds like a step in the right direction.

UPDATE: The latest Dawg Blawgs podcast is up and they spend a good deal of time on Strength and Conditioning. Interesting to hear their viewpoints, including a former player.

KiffyBaby..out of touch...

...color me shocked!...

University of Southern California tight end Blake Ayles has informed teammates of his intention to transfer, sources told Wednesday.
Ayles hasn't said anything publicly, however, and Trojans coach Lane Kiffin said he heard that Ayles was "contemplating some things" but was not aware of any finalized decision.
"That's all I know," Kiffin said. "I don't know that anything's happened."

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Recruiting Roundup - 21 days til NSD

I can almost smell the doughnuts and coffee.

John Jenkins - The big NG is officially not going to Oklahoma State, as has been suspected for quite some time. His final four are Florida (1/28 visit), Auburn (already visited), Georgia (1/21) and Miami (1/14). Although there are no clear leaders for Jenkins, I like our chances best. He seemed genuinely excited after Coach Richt's visit, we have a 3-4 defense that is made for his talent and body and he is bringing his entire family down to Athens for his visit there. Coach Richt has always seemed to have trouble closing strong on signing day, but he does well with family.

Jenkins will announce ($$) sometime around signing day. After watching the impact of a Nick Fairley in the NCG the other night, I'm becoming more and more convinced this guy is our biggest (literally an figuratively) recruit on the board. Got. To. Get. Him.

Damian Swann - committed Saturday at the US Army All-American game. Here's my original spotlight on Swann. If Boykin does indeed go pro (which I'm hearing could happen very soon), this pickup becomes even bigger in two weeks. Swann can play just as soon as Branden Smith did in '09.

I have a feeling recruiting news is going to get very hot around Athens in the coming weeks. I'm still anxious to see how well this staff closes the deal in the final hour. But 2011 has the potential to be very, very special. One thing's for sure, CMR and staff have been working hard, very hard. Hopefully it pays off two weeks from today.

Mumme Poll - final 2010 ballot

The party's over..plop plop fizz fizz...
Ohio State

Final Thoughts:
  • First and foremost, thank God it's over.
  • I had figured Auburn would win Monday night, and I really thought I would be able to move TCU ahead of Oregon. But alas I did not. Oregon really showed me a lot against the nation's best team. So I kept them just ahead of TCU.
  • That being said, would love to see an Auburn/TCU matchup...
  • Just outside the bracket: Boise State. They're the only other team I really considered keeping in. But they weren't in my last poll. And I'm just not sure they could beat any of those inside. In other words, Utah...meh.
The only other things I would add are: many thanks to the Senator and the guys at 3rd Saturday for putting this together another season. And why?...Why dear Reader aren't you also voting? Make sure you sign up next season if we're so lucky to have them do it again.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

86 Proof Snow Shovels

Glenn Burns can kiss my Georgia Boy's ass with all this snow, ice and his Dopplar ass 4D Radar he probably bought from some pawn shop off Ponce. In fact I hope his entire severe weather team hasn't showered in four days and smells so bad John Pruitt's laughing at them all at home in his snuggie sipping his courvoisier.

Got the driveway shoveled today. So not only am I prepared to reconstitute my bourbon supply if necessary, but I also have a greater appreciation for Exile and his renegade grill.

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Snowed in with Calvin...

Bill Watterson is a genius. Just some snowed in fun. (h/t Bucks)

I hear bourbon is a cure for cabin fever. I just hope I don't run out before my driveway defrosts.

Domino's Plane Update

UPDATE: Miles is staying.

- - - - - - - - - - -- - - - -- - - - - 

Will it deliver in 30 minutes or less?

Contrary to many reports of a Les Miles/Meechegan sit down in Texas today, UM officials sat down yesterday with the LSU head coach at his Baton Rouge condo. And some (albeit Joe Schadenfraude) feel he would accept an offer should the Wolverines prove able to work their way around the buyout and more than $4 mil per year.

Really, the only things that are missing are Herbie's adamant look and a tip of the hat.

Have a great day.

Congrats Auburn...

I thought the WarDamnTiglesMen would run away with it. But that was a helluva game.

Now the question revisionist history is on Lowder's payroll?

Monday, January 10, 2011

Tonight's Official Quacks Like a Duck Drinking Game

An ongoing list of rules for tonight's drinking and viewing enjoyment. Hit me up on the Twitter with an addition or leave it in the comments. Email is also acceptable. Moreso than being a WarDamnTiglesman.

Go Ducks!
  • every mention of Cam declaring for the NFL (h/t Shannon)
  • Every mention of Cam's dad in attendance (h/t Shannon)
  • if Fairley gets leg whipped...drink entire beer. (h/t Brian)
  • Everytime you hear: "Cam Newton is really difficult to defend." (h/t Kerri)
  • Everytime sCam is caught on camera smiling, drink. If he makes out with Trooper Taylor finish what's left.  
  • every time they talk about Fairley's questionable play this year. (h/t Craig)
  • Every time they mention 6'6" and 250 lbs......shotgun! (Brian)
  • When the camera spots a person wearing a Bama t-shirt, finish the drink on the coaster next to yours.
  • When Kirk comments on Musberger's attire (defined casually as coat, tie or shirt), mute television, run around the table screaming "MITCH DAVIS WITH THE SACK!!" then chug what remains in your glass.
  • If Erin Andrews flips her hair left instead of right, drink your drink through a peephole.
  • Nick Fairley with a clean hit on the QB, DRINK! 
  • Duck pushups...drink! h/t @dawgsonline
  • "unstoppable force" + Tim Tebow = chug entire beer (Kerri)

PING! Almost time for baseball

Tickets went on sale today for the Gwinnett Baseball Classic, Georgia vs Alabama at the Gwinnett Braves Coolray Field.

You can CLICK HERE to purchase tickets. The game is Wednesday March 9th at 7pm. The field is just off of I-85 in Buford, the Mall of Georgia exit...and about 5 minutes from HWY 316 in Lawrenceville. So even though it's a weekday game, hopefully it should be easy for people from all over to get to. We were hammered in this game last year. The Diamond Dawgs need our support. Looks like tickets are all General Admission, $14.50 per ticket. 

Coolray is a great place to watch a game. C'mon out! Go Dawgs!

Monday's Meatloaf - The Over/Under on Coaching

The game had just begun to ebb back into the faint recesses of our collective minds Saturday when Coach Fox held his post-game tweet up. He was appreciative of the late afternoon support. He sounded genuinely excited about the victory and the promise it provided for the remainder of the season.

(If you are Twitter illiterate, don't fret. Tweets
read from bottom to top.)
But he also (politely) criticized fans for chanting "Overrated" towards the end of the wild kitties' suckitude, questioning the reason behind it. And whether you just got caught up in the moment or you actually were more concerned with demeaning the opponent as opposed to pumping up the home team, it's hard to argue the logic.

The Dawgs were the underrated team that proved to make a bigger impact on the SEC standings in the opener. So glad Coach Richt, his entire staff and many players were reportedly at the game to witness a group of Dawgs fighting for every hard earned point, hustling for every loose ball, and executing a game plan masterfully designed to take down a top ranked opponent.

Because the football team has been playing games as if they were entitled to the win. They are the overrated team that has yet to realize that there is no pedestal to stand on any longer. Whatever was left of that thing was demolished in Boulder and then burnt in Memphis.

Thanks to Coach Fox and his hounds for an inspiring, much needed win. It was great to see the students come back to town early and the fans pack the Steg. You all didn't disappoint in the least. But thanks most of all for the lesson.

Today's Ingredients
  • Our all world receiver went from#8 to our hearts...and maybe even the NFL draft. So long AJ. *sniff*
  • Like Hoop Dawgs says, ESPN analysts are going to have to give Coach Fox and his players some props now.
  • And Hedges to Hardwood adds a nice pic to their write of the win over Kentucky.
  • Fletcher Page says one of Fox's recruits just happened to be in Athens ($$) for the big upset this weekend. I'm sure Shaq Goodwin liked what he saw.
  • Coach Richt gathered his 18th commitment ($$) from Ramik Wilson over the weekend. It came a day after #17, Damian Swann.
  • the Senator updates us on the final scene of the Georgia football season.
  • In this article that outlines the 25 reasons Herschel was a great football player, I failed to find - The ball wasn't heavy....??
  • And speaking of #34, Rex has confirmed that his Twitter account is actually him. So try and catch up with him.
  • As if anything could make Les Miles crazier, it could be a Domino's Pizza plane that delivers him to Ann Arbor.
  • I'm normally a sucker for a good overcoming the odds story, especially in college football. But Mr. Hancock...when sCam breaks rules to become the story of the, I don't love that comeback story. But thanks for asking
  • Can't argue with any of Barnhart's reasons why Auburn will win tonight. In the end I guess it all comes down to payroll. In Eugene they're rubbing coins together. On the plains, it's raining cash!
  • Count me in with Mike, I'm a big Duck fan tonight.
  • Rex Ryan is finding Folk's foot more and more attractive.
  • Did Eustachy have some PBR before Southern Miss tipped off against Marshall?
  • Lastly, Pete Postlethwaite passed away last week. Terrific actor. His name was Kobayashi. He worked for Keyser Soze.

I had fully intended on making this pan of meatloaf my 1000th post. But evidently my calculator malfunctioned; I hit that milestone Saturday...I think. There's a reason I majored in blogging, you don't have to use math much. It's a shame a guy can't rely on a gadget to do that work for him. Then again, maybe it was user error.

Reminds me of a joke...I don't know why I need to learn Algebra, when I never plan on going there.

Regardless of the reason though, I'd be remiss if I didn't thank everyone for the clicks. The support, suggestions, feedback,'s all very much appreciated. And together, we can get through this difficult time. A terrific basketball season would certainly help. 

Just repeat after me:

We're a basketball school, with a football problem. 

It's awkward, sure. But how must the engiNerds feel...with neither. Here's your snow shovel Reader. Get that driveway clear before lunch.


Today's Deep Thought...

Meatloaf to come later...

For now...sCam sucks and Oregon Ducks!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

AJ Green, more than #8 in our hearts

Once the season ended we all wanted to just forget football. But knowing that today's announcement that AJ Green would forgo his senior season was coming eventually, I afforded myself a little time to reflect on what my favorite AJ moment was.

The task, as you probably would suspect is impossible. My first thought went to the desert back in 2008. That was AJs breakout game as a true freshman. He went for 159 yards on 8 receptions with one touchdown.

But the following year when the Sun Devils came to Athens is probably his signature game in my mind. Without him on the field after the monsoon, we don't win that game.

Without a doubt, one of Sanford's most memorable performances. Adriel Jeremiah Green, one of Georgia's all-time greatest.

Best of luck AJ. Carolina's a bunch of idiots if they don't take you #1. And if they do, please take it easy on the Falcons' secondary those two games. The rest of the time, GATA.

AJ Green - DamnGoodDawg

Fox just got foxier

Its was just one game. But it was just so much sweeter than that. The Georgia basketball team played as such, and took down a more talented (albeit not decidedly so) gathering of players from mighty Lexington. They did it at home in a newly renovated arena. It was standing room only. Everyone else watched on their tv screens.

Oh yeh, and it was the SEC opener. More than a confidence builder. Last night was another step in program builder. And now thousands of fans are asking Coach Mark Fox, where can I pick up a hammer and help?

There's not a lot more I can say that you don't already know. If you weren't able to watch it live, by now you've surely seen the highlights. But I do recommend taking a gander at Dean's pics. They're worth more than a thousand more words.

Coaching Rumor Mill Lolz!!!!1

Lesticles (h/t Exile) and Meechegan are currently sliding into second base with their hands up each others' shirts. So let the pseudo-psycho dominos fall where they may.

The natural follow up is, well who are the early names at Nebraska and FSU? I mean, if we're gonna speculate...let's make it speculatacular!!

Of course, this is the site that brought this groundbreaking tweet...brace yourself...itttt'sss a biiiigggggeee....

There's a pretty good chance that marriage could work. You know, since the guy is like 61-5 while already in Boise. But I'm also hearing Bear Bryant may be out in Tuscaloosa while there may be trouble for George O'Leary at Notre Dame.

So stay tuned.

File this under "Would Not Upset Me"...

Stanford interested in Boise State's Chris Peterson.
Stanford has notified Boise State it would like to speak with Broncos coach Chris Petersen about replacing Jim Harbaugh, a person close to the situation told's Joe Schad on Saturday.
Petersen, a native of Yuba City, Calif., has a 61-5 record in five seasons at Boise, leading the Broncos to two Fiesta Bowl victories and first place in the WAC four times.
Of course, it wouldn't guarantee a victory in the Dome against the Broncos to open next season. But hell, it couldn't hurt.

And right now, when it comes to the football team...I'll take whatever good news I can get.